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Syria: The Middle Eastern Stalingrad

Originally posted on OffGuardian:
by Andre Vltchek, NEO Day and night, for years, an overwhelming force has been battering this quiet nation, one of the cradles of human civilization. Hundreds of thousands have died, and millions have been forced to flee abroad or have been internally displaced. In many cities and villages, not one house…

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5240 Russian sorties against terrorist targets since the beginning of Russian operation in Syria ~ [Reports]

Originally posted on the real SyrianFreePress Network:
  The General Staff of the Russian Army affirmed that around 2,000 oil tankers belonging to ISIS were destroyed in Syria since start of Russian military operation in implementation of the agreement between Syria and the Russian Federation to combat ISIS and confront international terrorism. Chief of the…

Gallup: Ukrainians Loathe the Kiev Government Imposed by Obama

Originally posted on International People's Coalition for Humanity:
On December 23rd, Gallup headlines “Ukrainians Disillusioned With Leadership,” and reports that “nearly nine in 10 Ukrainians (88%) say corruption is widespread in their government, and about eight in 10 (81%) see the same widespread problem in their country’s businesses.” 8% of Ukrainians now say they “have confidence…

State Department Diplomacy at its Finest: spokesperson backtracks on accusations of Russian airstrikes hitting civilian infrastructure

Originally posted on In Gaza:
Corporate media and the US government first accused Russia of attacking Syrian civilians **before** the airstrikes had even begun a month ago. Now, their latest scheme is accusing Russia of bombing hospitals in Syria (and ignoring the actual bombing of hospitals by the west’s “moderate” terrorists… like the Kindi Hospital,…

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Turkmen terrorist-commander who slaughtered Russian SU-24 pilot is a Turkish ultranationalist ‘Grey Wolf’ and son of a former Turkish mayor

Originally posted on the real SyrianFreePress Network:
Turkmen commander who boasted of killing a Russian pilot after Turkey downed Russian [SU-24] jet [on 24 November 2015] appeared to be Turkish ultranationalist and a son of former mayor in one of Turkish provinces. Alparslan Celik, deputy commander of a Syrian Turkmen brigade turned out to be…

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On the Future of the Islamic State

Originally posted on OffGuardian:
Bill Purkayastha A few days ago, I had a sudden realisation. The West, I understood, had changed tack after Russia’s intervention in Syria. All these days  – circa  2012 to a couple of months ago –  the plan had been to use ISIS as a tool to destroy Syria and Iraq,…

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Video: France arming jihadists in Syria since 2011

Originally posted on OffGuardian:
Photo allegedly showing a French jihadist in Syria sporting a FAMAS assault rifle, the  service rifle of the French military. Eric Draitser of StopImperialism.org appears on TeleSur (Nov. 18, 2015) to discuss the Paris terrorist attack and its consequences for French foreign policy. Draitser explains that French intelligence has been working…

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President al-Assad to China’s ‘Phoenix TV’ channel: “All kinds of supports to ‘ISIS’ passes through Turkey” ~ [Full Transcript and Video Report]

Originally posted on the real SyrianFreePress Network:
President Bashar al-Assad said that you cannot take any concrete political step before defeating terrorism, because this is the biggest obstacle, and this is the prime concern to every Syrian. President al-Assad added in an interview given to “PHOENIX” TV Channel that  …” from the very first day,…