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Turkmen terrorist-commander who slaughtered Russian SU-24 pilot is a Turkish ultranationalist ‘Grey Wolf’ and son of a former Turkish mayor

Originally posted on the real SyrianFreePress Network:
Turkmen commander who boasted of killing a Russian pilot after Turkey downed Russian [SU-24] jet [on 24 November 2015] appeared to be Turkish ultranationalist and a son of former mayor in one of Turkish provinces. Alparslan Celik, deputy commander of a Syrian Turkmen brigade turned out to be…

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President al-Assad to China’s ‘Phoenix TV’ channel: “All kinds of supports to ‘ISIS’ passes through Turkey” ~ [Full Transcript and Video Report]

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President Bashar al-Assad said that you cannot take any concrete political step before defeating terrorism, because this is the biggest obstacle, and this is the prime concern to every Syrian. President al-Assad added in an interview given to “PHOENIX” TV Channel that  …” from the very first day,…

The Arab Spring: Made in the USA

Originally posted on The Most Revolutionary Act:
Arabesque$: Enquête sur le rôle des États-Unis dans les révoltes arabes (Investigation into the US Role in the Arab Uprisings) by Ahmed Bensaada Investig’Action (2015) (in French) Book Review Arabesque$, an update of Ahmed Bensaada’s 2011 book L’Arabesque Américaine, concerns the US government role in instigating, funding and…

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Meanwhile in Yemen

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A #Yemeni child bombed with “White “Phosphorous by the #Saudi regime. #yemenunderattack #No2Saudi #Yemen #Saudisrael Saudi Monarchs are not muslims but have created the wahabi cult that is ISIS, which is a Luciferian pagan religion of the old times.

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Putin: ‘We Will Seek Peace, But Prepare For War’ … [Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum]

Originally posted on the real SyrianFreePress Network:
The Russian president insists Russia’s policy is peaceful, though it will continue to expand its economy and build its military. Russian President Vladimir Putin, partial transcript of a wide-ranging interview with Rossiya-1 television channel presenter Vladimir Solovyov. The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, in an interview with Rossiya 1…

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO REPORT: Syrian Arab Army on the battlefield with Russian Air Forces, fighting together to eliminate DAESH and all the foreign backed mercenary gangs

Originally posted on the real SyrianFreePress Network:
12 October 2015 ~ Hama province, Syrian Arab Army and Russian Air Forces fighting together to eliminate all the foreign backed mercenary gangs. RT’s journalist Murad Gazdiev reports from the battlefield. The large-scale offensive against the terrorists’ strongholds started after air support from Russian bomber jets. SOURCES: RT…