Could Netanyahu go down with Romney?

Republican US presidential candidate Mitt Romney (L) and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Republican US presidential candidate Mitt Romney (L) and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Bibi is now despised in America, really. His attempt to blackmail Obama via, ‘give me my Iran attack and you can be president again’ revolted Americans for its open contempt. There is talk here now of regime change in Israel.


The snickering at the Israeli UN ambassador as he made his lonely exit during Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s speech was the perfect spotlight on Israel’s long career of being a friend to no one and the enemy of all. It was a coordinate snub, to the big snubber of the UN.

Even Americans who were not Obama supporters are looking for a way to get rid of Netanyahu. They don’t want to see or ever hear about him anymore. And what makes it worse, there is more talk than ever before about people just fed up with the whole ‘Israel thing’… the bus where everybody else has to sit in the back.

The after action reports on Bibi’s “red lines” failure are not focusing only on his over the top style. Even in Israel, they are starting to say he bet on the wrong horse. Israelis take a dim view of their president not being able to rig an American election behind the scenes, the way it is supposed to be done. It’s a source of national pride, in a warped kind of way.

Politically astute Israelis are openly talking about Romney’s political career being over and Bibi needing to reinvent himself to get back into the influence game. Israelis are used to this. If they can’t get you one way, they just back off for a while until they have a new plan of attack. With allies like this, ‘who needs enemies,’ as the saying goes.

I think the Israelis may be missing the boat on the new paradigm that seems to be surfacing like a Mafia victim’s body floating up to the surface in a steamer trunk. Talk of a ‘missing person’ no longer works. It’s murder investigation time, and 9/11 is still waiting to have one.

I think Netanyahu has done himself in. There is nothing to rebuild as he has shown himself as a pimp for Sheldon Adelson and Rupert Murdoch trying to put Mitt Romney on the best street corner on Wall Street to market his wares. Romney was pretty enough but folks were afraid of catching something from him if they got too close. Don’t worry Mitt, you will always have France.

Petty politics is the national sport in Israel, and we have all been there before… the little men with the big heads from the little country doing their Mafia Don thing while pretending to represent a people. Elites never represent people. They only represent themselves.

The long history of this came to light with the release of classified U.S. documents from the 70’s when Kissinger was doing his shuttle work when Ford was president. The revelations on Israeli treachery are shocking, not only because of what they did back then, but because not much has changed.

The release comes right at a critical time in the presidential race. They were not needed to knock Bibi’s anti-Obama campaign out of the saddle. Bibi’s falling off his own horse was a self-inflicted wound. The only purpose for such a release of intimate diplomatic discussions now is that someone had decided to start the ‘background’ education on our sordid history with Israel.

American ears have generally been protected from such interesting tidbits as Kissinger describing the Israelis as treacherous, petty, deceitful, and they did not treat America like an ally. As I said above, not much has changed from back then. The closest we got recently was Obama and the former French president discussing on an open mic what a snake Netanyahu was.

But the most pertinent quote for Netanyahu to think about now was Kissinger warning Ford,

“… the Jews are trying to knock you off. They want a new guy in the White House in 1977.” Replied Ford, “We cannot be in a position to isolate ourselves from the rest of the world simply in order to stand behind the intransigence of Israel.”

Kissinger responded, “We must disassociate ourselves a bit from Israel, not to destroy them but to prevent them from becoming a Sparta, with only military solutions to every problem.”

As I read that, a smile came over my face imagining Obama getting a briefing on the release of these documents. As more Americans are reading them they are finally stopping to think that this kowtowing to Israel is insanity. It has never been America’s friend, as it really has no friends at all, only those currently being used until they find a better horse ride.

The ground swell I am sensing from the military and Intel community who are heavy readers of Veterans Today, is that they don’t want to suffer the humiliation any longer. They have been holding the magic bullet to solving it all, a huge Intel dump on all the nasty things that Israel has done to America, and the long list of American names who have helped them, some of them well known senior politicians.

The material has been classified purely because it reveals the depth of political corruption here. When I mentioned above their style of regrouping to come at you again, they did this when they compromised our Congress so they could override presidential vetos when needed… and to keep the American gravy train flowing.

Not satisfied with that, they also wanted control of the White house so as to not have to overuse Congress and make their control there too obvious. The Pentagon was another target. They began a long-range program of setting up think tank fronts to groom selected Americans and Jews for placement in key patronage jobs with both parties. That way they would always have their people in key espionage slots and not suffer the ups and downs of the one political party pony.

Netanyahu and his crazy advisers made a huge mistake. He has now made himself the poster boy of decades of Israeli treachery against America. I know Bibi likes attention but that’s probably not that kind he had in mind. Bibi is not alone in the ‘different kind of love’ that Israelis have for America.

Chemi Shaley had a good example in today’s Haaretz. He was not tough on Netanyahu for being an unfaithful friend to Americans by trying to manipulate our political system into using our military and credit lines serve Israel by dying and paying the bills. Shaley was spanking Bibi because he didn’t do it right. I will say it again, “With friends like this who needs enemies?”

Chaley astutely points out that with Romney now sinking in the polls despite the fortune in Obama bashing Republican advertising where Bibi was stupid enough to even be in the ads, American Jews are still sticking with Obama, 69% in Florida.

Chaley also points out that with a growing Obama lead, the power of the Jewish vote in swing states goes way down, and Netanyahu’s threats of being THE kingmaker got Bibi that Obama twisted the knife in Bibi’s ribs when he referred to his efforts as ‘noise.’ That was a brilliant stroke by Obama’s speech writing staff… a designed humiliation to an Israeli president as a way of thanking him for dishing out the same.

So I sit here now, astounded by the irony that this failed Bibi maneuver has taught us how to get the Israeli monkeys off our backs. And that is to just tell them to go to straight to hell, and don’t let the door hit you in the butt going out. It’s something that could catch on.

And for all those who have been fronting for the Israelis, especially in Congress, you may come to see that the no-risk, free-pass days might be coming to an end. People are now learning that anyone that is really close to the Israelis must be doing bad things for them. Israelis don’t give it away for nothing.

I will close with a Kissinger line from the new release, “Israel wanted peace, but wasn’t willing to pay for it.” Militant Israelis have always thought paying for anything was stupid. They think that’s what friends are for. And if they don’t pay the freight, what’s the point in having them.

Yes, I know it is a negative stereotype, but I did not earn it. They did. So they have to wear the robe.


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