Assange-Mossad ties unveiled

Disclaimer: I cannot agree or disagree with the content of the article but I do think it’s good to read all opinions.One thing is certain: the truth is really not what we think we see. Time will tell who is who and who served what. (Source available here too)


The aftermath of the last world altering months may mean life or death, war or peace for millions, perhaps the entire world. Real conflict in Syria, the attempts by others to expand regional conflicts, tribal feuds and ethnic rivalries into war of aggression is becoming openly recognized, perhaps for the first time in history.

Since the days of Machiavelli, war through deception has been the rule but the information age has made deception a more powerful tool than ever imagined.

Perhaps it is time the tables were turned and the “deceivers” were to receive some of the recognition they have, for so long, been denied.

Today’s story will involve Julian Assange, Wikileaks, Israel, and the Mossad. Along with Netanyahu, Assange has tried to insert his way into the American election on the side of a losing candidate whose platform is simply war with Iran. Some explanation is needed.

His recent statement, theoretically to the United Nations, one attacking President Obama, always sparing any mention of Israel or the rights of the Palestinian people, are cheap showmanship, utter lies and a form of “holocaust flag waving” he learned from Netanyahu.

No move has ever been made against Wikileaks by the United States, they and their allies in the paid press and Israeli lobby and intelligence services have had free reign while the kingly live of Julian Assange sheds crocodile tears over the imprisonment of Bradley Manning whose relationship with Wikileaks has become increasingly remote.

I know heroes, I work with them daily, Veterans Today has many on its staff who have sacrificed their futures, their safety and several, their lives, putting out hard truths that aren’t filtered by the rich and powerful. A dozen lifetimes of training in counter-espionage, psychological warfare and “cover operations” has left our staff more than able to tell a “pig” from a “chicken.”

Our most recent episode and the concurrent orchestrated reactions, the things no news agency would see or touch is where we begin;

Nothing at the UN General Assembly meeting or anything else that went on in New York happened the way some wanted. A critical issue is the US election. It shouldn’t be but it is.

Currently, Iran and the United States are going through a period of, what many of us hope, will lead to more dialog and even reconciliation.

Few Americans are aware of the CIA’s role in the 1953 overthrow of Iran’s government or the brutality of the Shah. However, many Americans remember decades of working with the Iranian people, their friends there and how, one day in 1979, all of that changed.

There were Americans in Iran supporting the government’s oppression of the people, part of what was considered a policy justified by the “Cold War” against the Soviet Union. America had forced dozens, many dozens of dictatorships on the people of the world to “oppose communism.” Some of those governments survive to this day, some in the Middle East.

This week, from his balcony at the Ecuadorian embassy, Assange unleashed his program, carefully coordinated with the world’s druglords, his “bankster” friends and, closest of all, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, his strongest supporter, one to interfere in the American election on behalf of Mitt Romney.

We got to know Assange initially with his video of a US helicopter killing civilians in Iraq. The problem is, of course, Assange supported the war in Iraq, supported a US attack on Iran for Iraq, supported war with Pakistan, supports US interference in Syria and, where he stands apart from most well-informed people of the world, is a lead figure in suppressing an investigation of 9/11.

Yet no media outlet ever asked why someone whose official beliefs support war on Islam for Israel would build a cult of personal fame directing world attention to US actions when those actions are commonly known to have been proof of American submission to pressure from the AIPAC lobby that totally controlled the Bush administration.

The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were Israel’s wars, words never to pass Julian Assange’s lips.

Assange is a pure Islamophobe.

Assange, an intelligence asset of Israel, as Zbigniew Brzezinski pointed out on December 2, 2010 on National Public Radio in an interview with Judy Woodruff, one tasked with supplying a platform for Israeli intelligence to insert carefully crafted “pointed intelligence” wrapped in “Wikileaks.”

The whole thing is not just a con.

When, back in early 2011, it was exposed to the world that all Wikileaks were filtered through Israel and then the “pop culture” mainstream media before release, meaning there is no more censored source of information than Wikileaks, he fell from grace.

When the Mossad’s Assange hogs the controlled news, the same way the CIA’s Terry Jones hogs the news with his blasphemies against the Prophet, it is a clear demonstration of how rogue intelligence agencies, how rogue states, no matter how small, how morally decrepit, are able to control the public agenda through orchestration of the media and manufactured drama.

Assange, living as a princeling for years, obsesses on his life of imaginary victimization. Not one document has ever been filed in the United States asking a question of Assange much less accusing him of a crime or attempting extradition.

In fact, he is totally free to travel unmolested in America at will, or would be except for the risk of extradition to Sweden. In fact, he is totally free to seek political asylum in the United States if capable of making a prima fascia case for political persecution.

Assange has many friends in America, the entire Israel lobby, billionaire “banksters” wait to fete him, Fox News has a standing offer to let him openly broadcast on government approved public airways all day every day.

This is his persecution.

As Jones is tasked with making America appear to be a nation at war with Islam, something that ended with the election of President Obama, Julian Assange is tasked with selling Iran as a threatening nuclear power.

Assange, Murdoch and Netanyahu are as “of the same mother,” perhaps one not of human origin however.

We could go “technical.”

Last week, both President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu acknowledged receipt of a letter from IAEA Lead Consultant and the world’s top nuclear weapons expert, Clinton Bastin who plainly stated that no process exists for turning uranium hexafluoride gas into a metal in order to build nuclear weapons.

This letter was leaked by Jim Dean with Press TV. Such information, exposing world threatening international corruption is considered “untouchable” by Wikileaks. After all, it exposes Netanyahu as a liar.

America can’t do it, Iran can’t do it but a rogue IAEA “related” group whose spokesman, Israeli David Albright hogs the press like Terry Jones and Julian Assange, peddles junk science straight into the New York Times, the same channel Assange used to sell his message supporting war on Islam.

For those who never noticed, Julian Assange is the darling of Europe’s ultra-nationalists and “anti-immigration” crowd, seemingly a genetic twin to Andrew Breveik, the Norwegian mass murderer who killed 77 children of party members who supported the Israeli boycott.

We started a fire? Who is “we?” We are the freedom-loving people of the world, representing the Non-Aligned Movement, Americans willing to retrench the old “policeman of the world” foreign policy and those who politically stand on the front lines, groups like “Occupy,” that stand up for the “99%” or the “47%” as Romney told his audience of guests largely from Israel during his secretly recorded private dinner back in May.

Few look behind the politics to the actual agenda of the New World Order, the “Malthusians” who believe that there are simply what they call too many “useless eaters.”

What is a “useless eater?”

It is you and me.

It is our children.

What is “their plan” for useless eater, the invisible faces behind Romney and Netanyahu, behind Koch and Adelson, behind Terry Jones and Julian Assange?

Their goal is a decline in world population, overtly through manipulation of food supplies, fuel prices, currency collapses and orchestrated war.

Their real agenda goes much further, well into the conspiracies we see on the Internet and beyond, manipulated weather, genetically modified foods, billions spent on bio-chemical warfare in the US, Israel, Britain, Russia and elsewhere that is totally unregulated and never explained.

No one is touching these questions, real conspiracies, all tied to well-established policies of those secret societies whose agenda has long been public, the need to end population growth or drastically lower its levels, the desire to control all human information and a willingness to suppress technologies, manipulate wars and destroy economies to bring about a world no one admits to wanting but that so many “respected” national leaders are more than comfortable with.

Do we at least respect Netanyahu and Mitt Romney because they are overtly among the despised and hateful, willing to stand, at least partially unmasked as the representatives of the unseen cabal where human life is worthless, where a well-fed and educated child with a certain future is very much “the enemy?”

President Ahmadinejad has suggested that the NAM (Non-Aligned Movement) may well be the real United Nations. No Western leader will acknowledge the key issue, that five nations, leftovers of feudal nation states or newfound economic neocolonialists, warring over the world’s resources, represent national interests that can only exist if dialog is stifled, if dissent is crushed, if human aspirations are denied.

It was no accident that the current financial collapse in the West was engineered to leave no option but war, increased oligarchical rule, and descent into brutalization and totalitarianism in order to feed what is perceived as the “too big to fail” economic model that has bred generations of poverty.

That poverty is now engulfing even the United States, where fully 25% of Americans suffer malnutrition and where 85% know real poverty at some time during their lives. Nearly half of the citizens of what had been the greatest economy in the world live “one paycheck” from disaster. [read more]

64 thoughts on “Assange-Mossad ties unveiled

  1. Well mossad is CIA .. And Anna Ardin has CIA ties … if wiki leaks is a psyop to enrage the protesters at Austerity Protests .. instead of using undercover provocateurs … maybe it is a valid theory … Julian was involved in mk ultra type upbringing …. but my personal thought is he is fighting against what he saw as a child … nice post tho 😀

    • Can you really put your hand in the fire( as we say here) to support that theory? I am just being cautious. After all 2012 has revealed many ties to many persons and services that a couple of years ago,if we dared to mention a suspicion,we would be locked up in an asylum 😀 My theory is plain : Nobody is a saviour.If there were saviours we wouldnt be in this mess. And I got some other arguments too regarding the released files..many are missing As I said,only time will tell.

    • I am fully aware what Press TV is.. and does that mean it spreads lies? All i read lately is propaganda against Iran that hasnt started a war the past 200 years.- Not taking sides in this madness- But the truth has to be told and whoever is still doubting,they are educated. We ,as human race,have been misled many times.If we are willingly misled again,we all know where it’s going to end.

  2. My opinion on Assange and Manning is they are being kept on ice for as long as possible ..for what reasons and ultimately by whom is anyones guess … if it is about 2 prophets in jerusalem at armageddon ? who can really tell .. as you say we shall see . 😀

    • You just explained what I am trying to say. Manning is a different case,Manning never got a chance to seek asylum,got support too late and he’s not making any “big news” unless they torture him to death. Manning exists because Wikileaks exist

  3. it is never about sides … one thing i have learned … sides are made by the 1% there are no sides .. just sheep … we are all dispensable income for the 1% they have taken all they need from us … and reduced us to breathing pre oil fields … just a matter of time before we are replaced by automatons …. all those post nuclear war scenario movies seem a possibility with or without the war … smh .. anyway have a great day 😀

  4. Last suggestion for anyone who might read this post.Last night I watched again the “Day After” movie.. a 1983 one.. describing perfectly the impact of a war-at that time,imagine now!- and how the madness can destroy lives no matter the religion,political beliefs,genre,occupation,lifestyle..If you haven’t do watch it. If you have please do watch it again.Governments are always playing war at our expense,they get rich,we get killed

  5. be back to read this, just woke up but i don’t care for Assange. i can’t put my finger on why yet but uhhuh. i personally avoid posting him, he gets enough PR, imo …. (don’t take it wrong, he needs to be discussed, am not complaining of post). he just makes me uneasy for being such a “revolutionary”, i don’t trust him.

    and on Press TV, they are one of my go to sources. there is no western media on my go to places other than alternative news sources. Press TV rocks

  6. it is a perfect example of he said she said …. it gets people emotional and egotistical instead of rational …. but on the other hand we are still humans … we are allowed to be emotional .. dilemma … as for sources … i believe it is wise to look at as many Independent ones with unbiased opinions … but if we looked at who runs what source ..and checked the CEO and editors emails for political ties and corporate sponsorships … we would never post anything … i try to see past the melee of crossed wires in the system and to keep it simple … we are all fucked .. denial over 😀 NEXT STEP …..

  7. My opinion? Press TV is kicking arses..:D I use it a lot on my blog.Also I had said on my blog like 2 months ago, that Assange,as soon as he makes it out of the UK he wont be staying in Ecuador but moving to the Golden Venezuela. this is a POLITICAL move. Otherwise I’d never post about Assange since he’s generating news. My objection from the beginning was that when wikileaks released a hell of files,the Greek links in the Syrian Files were missing or misleading or broken,CRITICAL links like communications,arms sell from Germany to Greece and then from Greece to Syria,. I found that weird,as they were connected to persons that were SEVERELY involved in the Greek Crisis and the Aegean oil S[h]ell out 😀

    • this is great article now that i have read it, brings ups loads of good questions. i agree with you, i don’t use wikileaks or Assange. the only thing i found relevant with Assange and Ecuador embassy is if they went and retrieved him then all embassies were fair play, immunity was now null and void.

      we’ll see what comes out in wash but can you imagine Che being broadcast at UN Summit meeting?

  8. That alone implies other ties.Don’t you think? The UN should be busy with Africa population and Assange should be an Amnesty Issue.All that as “Should’s ”
    That was the original thinking of this post.BTW loved the debate:D

    • Last comment: IF Assange has hidden/broken files regarding Greece and Syria,IMF,Goldman Sachs, taking under consideration Israel wants a piece of the Aegean & Cypriot Oil to be sold out to the Russians or to Noble Energy, can you imagine what a major cover up is going on in here? And if proven so,Assange will be registered in history in golden letters next to Kissinger.This is a major play.This is oil-geopolitics- border lines.This is arms trade.This is a crime against nations

    • a) why you involve Guevara?
      b)Ernesto Guevara has killed a load of his enemies too
      c)whats the connection? He was trying to liberate certain nations,here we are in front of a cover up of nations being sold out
      don’t confuse yourself

  9. you are on denial.. i mentioned GREEK wikileaks LINKS are damn broken that means NO release! when Greece bought arms from Sweden and Germany,communication equipment from Italy and they all Profited from selling those to SYRIA = laundring money,clandestine trafficking of services

  10. Julian Assange is no Revolutionary …. he is a journalist with a conscience … but then again we are not born revolutionaries … we choose this path when our freedoms are blocked by the greed of others and the system we are bound to betrays our rights and the rights of our children .

    • try the Greek /italian/German/Swedish/Syrian wikileaks links besides the Alcatel ones. THAT will convience you 😀 i did as soon as the syrian files were released.Good luck:D
      And if you find something on Alcatel lemme know 😀 minor crimes! like tax evading 😀

  11. You shouldn’t have … it was off topic 😀
    Carina mentioned “we’ll see what comes out in wash but can you imagine Che being broadcast at UN Summit meeting?”

    i was replying to her ..

    i know you have no admiration for Guevara or Assange .. your opinion .

  12. and the p.s. When Guevara spoke to the UN he was holding an office for the Cuban state,which Cuba was EXCLUDED from the UN back then.Cuba was excluded after the suggestion of NATO it;s good to know a bit of history.. till mid 70’s all latin nations were under CIA controlled military coups and only Cuba was ” free” Cuba was the cursed country,the soviet aligned one and Guevara was its representative. A south american legend.A liberator. Of course he would be accepted to speak at a UN conference on BEHALF of all south american countries

  13. had no idea Che spoke at UN, thank you
    do not compare Che and Assange, Assange is not pimple on Che’s culo … it was not comparison, i never imagined they would let Che speak, after all they murdered him

  14. found two links regarding “arab spring” that are very good
    have another somewhere regarding Syria being next before they even did no fly on Libya, taking minute to find my site is swamped with Syria writes

    2011 YEAR of the DUPE: One Year into the Engineered “Arab Spring,” One Step Closer to Global Hegemony Timeline and History by Tony Cartalucci

    A House of Sand and Fog Lies, Revolutions and Wars by Nebojsa Malic

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