US “Secretly” Pushing for Islamic Fascist Regime in Egypt

ooooh big secret or so they think, like all their lies are more self delusion than anything, unless you are zombie

Egypt’s opposition is calling for more protests, after President Morsi insisted on ploughing ahead with a referendum on the new constitution, which is viewed by many as discriminatory.

Even his decision to scrap the decree which had granted him almost absolute power, was dismissed as a play on words.

The U.S. has made no comment on Egypt’s draft constitution, even though it’s criticised for undermining basic freedoms.

Geopolitical analyst F. William Engdahl says Washington is secretly supporting Muslim Brotherhood to turn Egypt into an Islamic dictatorship.

If Morsi was genuinely honest about his goals, he would have [canceled the referendum] long ago. But he’s pushing a black, secret, hidden agenda on the population and the population — rightly so — smells a skunk,” Engdahl told RT.


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