The Story of Ashura, Part 2


In the previous and first post of this series, I talked about Imam Hussein’s family, I said am going to speak more about his family in this post, yet after a second thought I don’t need to say much more about the family, all would be told when narrating the story, but for now, you should know, that Imam Hussein had a brother very close to him called “Abbass” who had a very important role in Ashura.

Imam Hussein had 7 children, three sons (one fought in the battle of Ashura, one was only months old in Ashura but yet was killed, and one was ill and didn’t fight) and 4 daughters (one that didn’t witness Ashura, but the other three had a great part in the story of Ashura)

This is enough to be said about Imam Hussein’s family, I hope before you continue reading, you read again the first post, just to keep up with the details.

In this post I will say some stories and some speeches about Imam Hussein, and Yazid (the Muslim governor that killed Imam Hussein)

First about Imam Hussein, I don’t need to write a book, all I need are few lines, and you would know who he is;

–          Prophet Muhammad said:  Hasan and Hussein are my myrtle from this world

–          There is a story, that in a special Islamic holiday, both kids visited their grandfather the prophet, and complained: they said all the kids have new colorful clothes, but our cloths are colorless. The prophet was confused of what to do, he prayed for god, to grant his grandchildren their wish, then Gabriel, the angle, descended from the sky and told Prophet Muhammad that god gives him the ability to color the clothes of Hasan and Hussein the color he wants. So the prophet asked his grandchildren what color they wished; Hasan said he wanted green, Hussein asked for red. At this instant the face of the angle changed, the prophet was confused and asked him what happened. Gabriel said that Hasan will die poisoned and his face will turn green, Hussein will be killed in battle, his head will be cut off his body and that his body will be colored red by his blood…….

–          Prophet Muhammad said: Hussein is from me, and am from Hussein, God love those who love Hussein:  first it is very obvious that the first part is about that Hussein is the prophet’s grandson, but what about the second part, how is the prophet from Hussein? Scholars say that because the prophet knew what will happen with his grandson, why and what will happen later, he said so, because he knows that Hussein will be the cause behind the continuity of Muhammad Islam.

–          Prophet Muhammad said: Al-Hasan and al-Hussein are the Masters of the youth of the people of Paradise

–          For more stories please read:

Second I should talk about Yazid,

I was planning to write too much about yazid, but before starting to write, I thought I have to do few more searches, thus I decided that I should not write much, all am going to say, is that ALL MUSLIMS  have respect towards Hussein, but when it comes to Yazid, they divide into three.

The first group considers him as a demon

The second as an angel, the third as a normal king, that does bad things, but yet does some good deeds

The people of the third group, considers him innocent of Hussein’s blood (like some Lebanese people say, Israel is our enemy, but US is a friend, but they forget that US and Israel are one)

They also say that you don’t have the right to revolt against your leaders, although they might be devilish and sinners

Please have a look at this link:

This way of thinking, is what the Oumaya tribe, which is the tribe of Yazid, tried to convince people about, they faked some “Hadyth” about the prophet, and they put people under a delusion, that whatever they do, they do not have the will to decide, anything they do, is under the will of God , this way they described God as being unfair, they say that God forces us to do what we do, he takes decisions on our behalf, then he punishes us on our bad deeds!!!

And this makes no sense

I think this would be enough comparison between Imam Hussein and Yazid; if you have a good look, you may find the this comparison is too much similar to other comparison the we could do between the Muslims of modern days

I shall end with a quote from Imam Hussein describing the basic cause behind his refusal to oblige to Yazid: “Ameer (Governor)! I belong to the Ahl al-Bayt (family) of the Prophet. Allah has consigned to and charged us with the Imamate (spiritual and political leadership of the Muslims). Angels pay us visits. Yazid is a wicked sinner, a depraved reprobate, a wanton drunkard, a man who sheds blood unjustly, and a man who openly defies Allah’s commandments. A man like me will never yield his allegiance to a person like him.”

Here is the link:

Now as i promised, i will end my post with a chapter of the Quran
This chapter was sent by god to defend the prophet
All the prophet’s children died, and only Fatima stayed alive.
And an unfaithful man was mocking the prophet that he will not have a generation that holds his name.
So the conclusion is that this chapter we notice three things:
Women are not to be ignored, they have a basic role in the society
Fatima is not an ordinary woman, she is special
And the history says that Fatima’s children and grand children were mostly called, the sons of the prophet’s daughter

9 thoughts on “The Story of Ashura, Part 2

    • i promised you with this weeks ago, but luckily i remebered about it yesterday 🙂
      At the beginning of the 20th century, and before WW1 the ottoman empire was treating its Arabic citizens with discrimination, they forces them to learn the Turkish language, and neglected the Arabic one, they made them second rank citizens, good jobs in the government were only for Turks, and the Arabs had very few representatives in the Turkish council.
      Upon such rule, the Arabs started working against the empire, and between the Arabs were the Hashemites leaded by Sharif Hussein, the ruler of Mecca and Hejaz, he had too much trouble with the Ottoman Empire, and was dreaming of having an Islamic Khilafa in the Middle East.
      Upon the beginning of WW1 the British were searching for a religious symbol to fight the sacred Jihad that the Ottoman Empire declared against them, so they decided to use Sharif Hussein, they promised him to make him king over the Middle East united, and so he declared a revolt against the Ottoman Empire, thus weakening it.
      At the end of WW1 the Briton betrayed Sharif Hussein, they divided the middle east, allowed his son to be a meaningless king in Iraq, his other son a king over Jordan, and helped the salafist family, “the Saudi family” to overcome him in Hejaz and take control over the whole Arabic island

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