How Jewish is the New World Order?

Created on 29 January 2013

Written by Rebel of Oz…


Warning:…Not for the Blinded & Brainwashed…..” Anti Semitic statement/s “..LOL

One discussion that often comes up between people interested in the topic of the New World Order is what role Jews play in it. Is it a “Jew World Order” or are the Jews, as David Icke puts it, the victims of an evil cabal he calls Rothschild-Zionism?

As always, what we perceive to be the truth depends on our perspective. I believe there are two forces conspiring toward a New World Order, a Jewish dominated force, fighting for Jewish world domination, and an old-nobility dominated force, aiming for a Christian or Muslim faith based feudal society.

One of the reasons why most people fail to recognise that duopoly is because the old-nobility camp has interbred for centuries with its old-money Jewish financiers.

Britain is the country where the interbreeding between nobility and “Hofjuden” took place the most in the open. The marriage between Prince Charles and Rothschild off-spring Diana is a prominent example. In Germany, Austria, Italy and many other countries, the ruling elite, until recently, has been more discreet about its Judaisation, and in Spain and Portugal, it has been completely hidden, because the Reconquista forced wealthy Jews to disguise as Christians, if they didn’t want to leave the country.

Another reason why many people fail to see that there are two forces at work is that the old nobility-based elites have been using Jews for centuries to oppress, exploit, and enslave their peoples. Jews made the perfect tool for them, because their religion teaches them that non-Jews are just like cattle, created by God in human shape, for Jews to treat in whatever way works for them.

When people insist that the New World Order was being promoted by the likes of Vatican, Jesuits, Illuminati, Kabalists etc, not by Jews, they are only seeing part of the big picture. Equally, people who are dismissing references to those forces as Jewish apologetics, fail to recognise that there are indeed those other forces at work, albeit – to some extent – inspired by and associated with Jews.

In other words, yes, the New World Order is Jewish, but the word isn’t out yet, how high up in the food chain they will be. It’s not like those differences forces at work are all just one big happy family. It’s more like a dysfunctional love-hate relationship. Both sides, old nobility and Jewish supremacists, are well aware that they are just using each other. Both sides know all too well, that eventually, they will turn against each other. It happened many times before, the epic conflict between Jewish Communism and aristocratic Fascism during World War II being one of the most dramatic examples.


Some people might wonder where Adolf Hitler and National Socialism fit into all of this. Hitler is easily the most maligned and falsely accused person in human history. Pretty much everything we are being taught about him by schools and media has been proven a vicious lie. Most likely, those old-nobility elites initially put him into power, to get Stalin back under their control and to create the conditions for the foundation of a Zionist colony in Palestine. However, Hitler proved to be too much of a German patriot to sell out on his own people. He did a lot of things that they surely didn’t want him to do, including speed-recovering the German economy by making the Reichsmark a debt-free currency, thus cutting out the Jew-owned central bank. That’s why they got down on him and Germany so hard, slaughtering millions of German civilians and POWs, as a stark warning to any future leader not to mess with the people who are really in charge.

One thought on “How Jewish is the New World Order?

  1. I believe there are two forces behind the New World Order. A Jewish/Communist force, fighting for Jewish world domination, and an old nobility/Fascist force, albeit intermarried with their Jewish financiers, using Jews to oppress/exploit/control/enslave their peoples. In other words, yes, I believe the New World Order is Jewish, but the word isn’t out yet, how much control Jews will eventually have, whether they play the first or just the second fiddle.

    The GENOCIDE of the German people

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