Bulgaria – Large Anti Government Demonstrations Topple Government

Bulgaria – Large Anti Government Demonstrations

Thousands of people have gone to Bulgaria for days on the streets to demonstrate against the high electricity prices and against the power monopoly. What began as a protest against the high cost of living turned into the demands of protesters and opposition, to resign the government of Boyko Borisov must.

Until Tuesday has Borisov refused to do this and he said, this favor he would not make the opposition. Today Wednesday he announced the resignation of his entire cabinet. “We have dignity and honor. This is the people that brought us to power and we give him back today,” he told parliament in Sofia.

Bulgaria is the next country in the EU that the nose has fully controlled by the banksters and what governments of EU membership has brought them to disadvantages. There were violent clashes with the police on Tuesday night in Sofia at least ten people were injured. In Vratsa, a city in the northwest of the poor Balkan country in the early hours of Tuesday windowpanes of the Czech electricity provider CEZ were broken, which have the power monopoly.

Normally, the parliamentary elections were scheduled for July. With the resignation of the government, there will be probably early elections in late April.

Mit eigenen Drohnen kann man tolle Aufnahmen machen:

Fotos der gewaltsamen Auseindersetzungen von Gestern:

On this occasion I would like to point to the riots in the 30-years in America. At that time, during the Great Depression led to nationwide violent clashes with the security services of the unemployed. Martial law was enforced by the army.

The same explosive situation we have now in the U.S. and in Europe, as the debt crisis is causing more and more poverty. History is repeating itself.

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6 thoughts on “Bulgaria – Large Anti Government Demonstrations Topple Government

  1. Romania will be next ?? Most probably yes.
    We feel the high prices for energy & power bills here Down Under,
    What they did from this nation, = ZOMBIES 😀

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