Greece hires `BLACKWATER`to keep peace on the streets

On the road to hell, Greece hires `BLACKWATER` the American private military firm infamous for its activities in Iraq, to keep peace on the streets.

Greece: “A promise from the army has been obtained to not intervene against a civil uprising”

It is always enlightening to hear the frank assessment of a diplomat upon leaving the service, once unshackled from “the patriotic art of lying for one’s country”, as 19th Century American journalist Ambrose Bierce described the craft.

Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos was a career diplomat with the Greek foreign ministry. As a junior officer with the service in the 1970s, he helped assure the then freshly democratic nation’s accession to the European Union (at the time the EEC). He was at different times Athens’ ambassador to Poland, Albania and Canada, and finally the director general of EU Affairs in the ministry.

Last year, he finally resigned as secretary general of the Black Sea Cooperation organisation, and entered the private sector, and now feels free to speak openly about his fury at what he says Europe and international lenders are doing to his country.

“At a certain moment, quite soon, there will be an explosion of social unrest. It will be very unpleasant,” he says, referring to 15 armed incidents in the previous ten days. In the past few weeks, offices of the governing parties have been firebombed as well as the homes of pro-government journalists. The headquarters of the prime minister’s conservative New Democracy party was machine-gunned, and days later a bomb exploded at a shopping mall belonging to the country’s second wealthiest citizen, although no one has been badly injured by the attacks.

“It is an escalation of activities,” he worries, adding that he expects the “explosion” to occur sooner rather than later. He predicts the spark will be when new, retroactive and sizeable tax bills come due in the coming months that people simply cannot pay. “There will be further increases in armed actions. There will be bloody demonstrations.”

“These actions are condemnable, of course, but I feel that this sort of armed activity will increase as long as the government continues to impose oppressive measures against the Greek people.”

Belgian Prime Minister Elio di Rupo in Davos said that Europe should change course from austerity within six months if there is no sign of recovery. These are hopeful words to Chrysanthopoulos, but he fears it would still be too late for his country.

“We do not have six months. If the EU is going to change something, they need to change it yesterday. We even have problems burying the dead because people cannot afford the funeral expenses.” Refrigerators in the morgue were filling up with bodies until the church said that it would offer free burial for some families.

“We are heading down the road of destruction.”

Last summer, the social-democrat-conservative coalition led by Antonis Samaras launched a major crackdown on irregular migrants, rounding up 60,000 individuals out of which just 4,200 were arrested for infractions – a move that has been criticised by Amnesty International and other human rights groups.

Chrysanthopoulos says that the government has hired Blackwater, the American private military firm infamous for its activities in Iraq, which now goes by the name “Academi”, along with five other international for-profit security outfits. Explaining why this has happened, he says bluntly: “The Greek government does not trust the police whose salaries have also been cut.”

There is some good news however that he hears from the contacts he maintains amongst his former colleagues and politicians. He is confident that there will be no military coup, as there was in 1967.

“There are contacts by certain politicians with elements in the armed forces to guarantee that in the event of major social unrest, the army will not intervene.”

“I don’t want to go into too much detail here though as it is a delicate issue,” he continues. “But as a result of these contacts, I think this is going to be successful.”

He laments what has happened to the EU in which he spent so much of his career: “I was part of the negotiating team as a junior diplomat that brought Greece into the EU. The EU that we joined in 1981 doesn’t exist any more.”

“We need a change of plan.”

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29 thoughts on “Greece hires `BLACKWATER`to keep peace on the streets

    • True,and soon enough we will see drones in the sky for our “safety”.A bunch of useless clowns in high places have ruined one of the most ancient cultures. Such a shame

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  3. wait a minute they cut the police salaries by half yet they can hire a private military group (which I heard several years ago they make like 1000 bucks per person per day) why don’t they give that money to the police? this doesn’t make sense, what is the real agenda here, if they have the money for this then what gives?

    • this way the governments avoid all responsibility, and in US courts private mercenary companies can not be held responsible or sued for torture. it’s not about the money, this way when they shoot you dead the government is not responsible.

      • I agree but in EU they get charged with “war”crimes.Right now we here are at a financial/social war zone. if they shoot someone dead sooner or later there will be a court.. remember Former Yugoslavia?

      • the ex yugoslavia war criminals were tried by the ICC. Crimes committed in the EU are tried in Hague. Of course I bet my neck that the g’vt has thought of everything and Im not the wise azz here. Your guess is correct and so is mine,they dont wanna pay and not take the blame either.

      • yes i know, well good for Greece subscribing to ICC, USA does not, other countries you’d have to look up, obviously not Pakistan, Ray Davis a american merc was given diplomatic immunity … we’ll see but my gut is telling me they are looking for ways to kill us and not be held liable, i mean look at king O and the NDAA amongst a million other things.

      • wont disagree,even tho it was auto subscribed under the ICC shit with the 1981 treaty.. but do u believe all that GR-exit fuss? for the doomed euro? me i dont,step by step the world as we know it is falling apart

      • i just hope for your sake and all of Europe they are held responsible, there has to be reason they are doing this when army/police are far cheaper.

        anyway we’re all doomed, i can’t wait for the petrodollar to crash so we can stop all this war, i really don’t care what happens in US at this point when it does

      • My sake has been long lost and so’s everyones,when i read about those paid assassins i felt like a tagged terrorist who had commited NO known crime,on the other hand everybody is after the huge crimes so if i had commited a tiny one I wouldnt be making the big news.I just feel this strange urge to leave country.Yesterday it was Yemen,today greece tomorrow the states,or russia or Argentina who knows! We never stood up when we had to and now its too late to reverse course.Ship is sinking with the rats on board.I never stood up either now its 2 late.The rest we discussed(and was a pleasure as always) are just details for them

      • so if your private your allowed to murder, why is that I can’t do that and not be held responsible? when does one being private or public mean they can disobey the law with impunity? that makes no sense, oh they are private so they are above the law? really? we are private too and can’t do that. this really is wicked reasoning on their part.

      • yes, i agree, who is the usa president to decide who lives and dies and if this sick fk can make his own kill list then isn’t that setting precedent for all americans. our govts are completely lawless making it up as they go to fk us and enrich their pockets.

    • May i answer as good as i can as i live in greece? a) the police staff has suffered cuts as well and gvt does not rely 100% on them b) the major issue is Golden Dawn replacing the police. c) there are rumors that theres a sort of martial law imposing to suppress the public protests.
      I will be quite bold here. The Greek state has the cash. but it has the cash to pay the bankers and the leadership.Lets just count how many times Greece has defaulted.. I can count at least 4 times.Officially we are defaulted 😀 unofficially,our white-hat ones have billions in swiss banks
      They sure can pay they just dont want to.

      • shameful, abuse of power is reaching a penicle,if I did not pay my bills or promises or stole money I would be in jail, jail would be light for some of these people how they rob the people. shame shame shame on them.

      • If we dont pay our taxes or steal money we go to jail too .. the elites just dont,ok they put in jail an ex minister involved in the Ferrostaal subs scandal whose estate is almost HALF THE DEBT and he lives la vida loca in jail.. soon he will be released …They have passed the hot potato of the “debt”which they created ,with lies and manufactured reports and their golden boys in Sachs etc etc, to their own people after bashing them globally as tax dodgers,who? the real tax dodgers(the famous lagarde list,,, not MY name or the neighbor’s one in there 🙂 ).And now they try to suppress the anger.It is a shame,hope that one those who steal,cheat and slander they pay the corresponding price.

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