Your Money & The Banking Scam

    Money is an arbitrary invention to profit from debt. Banks and governments encourage individuals and countries to be in debt because the greater the debt, the more money they pocket. Not from the interest but from something called the Fractional Reserve Banking system. This is a scam that creates money out of thin air and brings in a profit of hundreds or even thousands of percent on all debts. This ‘undeclared’ money makes a few people rich beyond imagination. Once you (or a country) is in debt, you or it is a slave to be exploited and raped. This is why millions are spent tricking individuals and countries into debt – they don’t care if it is never repaid.

        You may not be interested in the working of finance and the economy but that lack of interest allows the banking system to rip you off and lower your quality of life. You may want to distance yourself from the politics of war because you think there is nothing you can do about it but that attitude allows the death of millions and lowers the quality of your life. Think about it – a small number of people know that the masses are easily fooled into agreeing with anything (or at least not actively disagreeing). Ignorance is no excuse in the age of the Internet!

    We are millions and millions and they are just a few but because we have been dumbed down by the media, education, food additives, pollution, a constant background of electromagnetic radiation and fluoride in our water. We are content to work like slaves, collapse in front of the TV, take one holiday a year and constantly be in debt. Fortunately, people are beginning to wake up and get off their knees. The stupidity of it is that parents get into debt for the sake of their children when spending the same amount of energy to change the system would increase the abundance and happiness of future generations a hundred-fold.

    So, educate yourself with this 25 minute video because knowledge is power…

The Credit Crunch, How Money & War is Manipulated

Although this refers specifically to the US, the principle applies for all western countries and some eastern.

Part 1

In China, the rich are buying gold by the kilo! In fact, demand exceeds supply for 50kg bars - yes, 1,760oz with a current value around $2.8 million. China is really a big part of the equation with 1.3 billion sleeping people. Imagine the change in the planet if even 10% woke up! With heavy government Internet censorship, it's hard for the Chinese to access information. All they have is an 'Innernet'...


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