May Day means WHAT?

May Day means WHAT?

The “May Day” email I sent four days ago triggered such a positive response that I decided to repeat it for those who didn’t have a chance to examine it the first time. Even though May Day has passed, I believe you will find this information useful. There still are two days left before expiration of the offer at the end of this message.

It is sad to see people attracted to the festive atmosphere that surrounds May Day without knowing its origins. We are led to believe that it is simply a day of peace, love, and solidarity among common working people. The reality is more sobering than that.


May Day can be traced back to European occultism, and dancing around the May Pole originated as a fertility ritual.

The first of May, 1776, is the date on which the Bavarian Illuminati – the granddaddy of all conspiracies – was founded by Adam Weishaupt.

On May 1, 1886, four demonstrators were shot after a bomb was thrown at Chicago police. Anarchists and Marxists chose the date to commemorate International Workers’ Day as a symbol of opposition to capitalism.

In 1889, the First Congress of the Communist International, meeting in Paris, called for global demonstrations on May first to further promote the concept of International Workers Day.

In 1891, May Day was adopted by the Second Congress of the Communist International as an official annual event. Since that time, it has become a national holiday in more than eighty countries and is celebrated unofficially in many others.

As the saying goes, within every dark cloud there is a silver lining. The reason I am reviewing this bit of dark history is that I would like to convert May Day into something positive
give it a silver lining that can be offered to our subscribers as a thank-you for their patronage and support. At a staff meeting this week, we decided that, instead of gloomily watching our friends and neighbors being brainwashed by deceptive slogans and symbols, we should do something to help sharpen their awareness of reality.






Thanks again for being part of our crusade.


5 thoughts on “May Day means WHAT?

  1. La Giornata di Tana – Tana’s Day May 1st

    In the mythos, the Courtship of the God and Goddess. Celebration of the return of the Goddess to the World. Celebration of life, and the fullness of fertility.

    And it came to pass that Tana longed for the Light of the World, and for Her many Children, she journeyed to the World and was welcomed in great celebration. Tana saw the splendor of the new God as He crossed the heavens, and She desired Him. But each night He returned to the Hidden Realm and could not see the beauty of the Goddess in the night sky.

    So one morning the Goddess arose as the God came up from the Hidden Realm and She bathed nude in the sacred lake of Nemi. Then the Lords of the Four Corners appeared to Him and said, “Behold the sweet beauty of the Goddess of the Earth.” He looked upon Her and was struck with Her beauty, so He descended upon the Earth in the form of the great stag.

    “I have come to play beside Your bath, “He said, but Tana gazed upon the stag and said, “You are not a stag but a God!” He answered, “I am Kern, God of the Forest. Yet as I stand upon the World I touch also the sky and I am Lupercus the Sun, who banishes the Wolf Night. But beyond all of this I am Tanus, the first born of all Gods.”

    Tana smiled and stepped forth from the water in all Her beauty. “I am Fana, Goddess of the Forest, yet even as I stand before you I am Diana, Goddess of the Moon. But beyond all this I am Tana, first born of all Goddesses!”

    Tanus took her by the hand and together they walked in the meadows and forests, telling tales of ancient mysteries. They loved and were One and together they ruled over the World. Yet even in love, Tana knew the God would soon cross over to the Hidden Realm and Death would come to the World. Then She must descend and embrace the Dark Lord, and bear the fruit of their Union.

    • See??….So, SHE ( The woman ), is the one ( Once AGAIN ), to give in to the DEVIL 😀 TEMPTATION 😀 …He ( DEVIL ), must be good in bed eh ?…LOL

      • May Day: A meaningless anachronism

        May Day: A meaningless anachronism. 50007.jpeg

        May Day: a gray area of cloud cuckoo land, a meaningless international day commemorating what, since 2000, has been rendered an insult to the working person. Instead of what is supposed to be a day of unity and solidarity, we witness an empty shell, a has-been and a perfect example of what our world has become.

        Let us be honest about May Day: it has passed into the gray area of cloud cuckoo land, a meaningless “international day” commemorating a meaningful benchmark in bygone years which today, since 2000, has been rendered an insult to the working person. Instead of what is supposed to be a day of unity and solidarity, we witness an empty shell, a has-been and a perfect example of what our world has become.

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