you may recall, i printed the redhack documents (in turkish) a week ago, since which there has been a deafening silence


Here they are. You never know when a copy might come in handy. The redhack site might just evaporate one day – RB

The Cover Up & Changing Story on the Turkey-Syria Border Town Bombing
Peter Edel, Boiling Frogs Post, May 29 2013

Reyhanli, a town in the Turkish province of Hatay near the Syrian border, was hit last month by a double bomb attack, leaving 52 dead, a sad record. 17 Turkish Marxists were arrested. Allegedly they committed the crime on command of the Syrian Mukhabarat. Criticism of the Turkish government regarding its policy on Syria became almost omnipresent in Turkey after the assault on Reyhanli. In the town itself a massive demonstration against the government resulted in a confrontation with the riot police. Ironically the large majority in Hatay voted for Erdogan’s AKP. Many in Turkey hold to the opinion that the spilling of violence from Syria…

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