Edward Snowdon – Whistleblower Who Exposed PRISM

Chrisopher Bollyn — via The Rebel.org June 10, 2013


Edward Snowden, a 29-year old former systems administrator who worked with the NSA, the CIA, and Booz Allen Hamilton, stood up in a 12-minute video made on June 6 in Hong Kong to explain why he exposed the massive NSA surveillance program known as PRISM, which he describes as “the architecture of oppression.” Contrary to what the Obama administration claims, the NSA surveillance program “targets the communications of everyone,” Snowden says.




Snowden disclosed the NSA’s secret surveillance program because he said “the public needs to decide whether these programs and policies are right or wrong.” His greatest fear, he said, is that nothing will change and that this loss of privacy will continue and worsen in the “American surveillance state.” The massive surveillance of the American people by their own government creates a political condition he described as “turn-key tyranny.”

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden: ‘I don’t want to live in a society that does these sort of things



“Edward Snowden revealed as NSA surveillance leak whistleblower” by Tom McCarthy, guardian.co.uk, Sunday 9 June 2013

This article was first published on Bollyn.com.



3 thoughts on “Edward Snowdon – Whistleblower Who Exposed PRISM

  1. SCREW THEM ….Already SICK of these COLONIALISTS INVADERS, preachers of DEMOCRACY, FREEDOM & LIBERTIES, but other ways, WAR LOVERS, not to mention, they are nothing less than SERPENTS BREEDING IN SEWERS….Good night 😉

  2. I say Bravo Sierra on this Snowden story. I sincerely believe that this Snowden guy is fabricating his “revelations” for monetary gain or fame. I doubt that a 29 y.o. with only a GED could have ever gotten to such a position (supposedly making $120k or $200k , whatever – rotflmao on that amount!!!) with a NSA contractor where he could have been able to access such highly classified info, either as part of his job OR accidentally. Point in fact, if he says the “govt.” is tracking us all by every electronic means 24-7, how come they can’t track down undocumented immigrants or ,worse, folks really trying to do harm to this country. Rush just said Booz & Allen just fired Snowdon and that he was ONLY making $120k…what?? Why would a guy with only a GED throw away a $120k job in Hawaii with a hot stripper gf to head off to Red China to “blow a whistle”. I’m thinking the Chicom intelligence operatives co-opted this poor schlub to embellish his activities to embarrass the U.S. administration, promising him security, money, etc., in return for this fairytale.
    He is no hero, but rather a zero if he is a fraud. If he is telling the truth, he’s no better than the wikileaks guy and his sources, all of which are rightfully under criminal investigation, by both international and u.s. military/federal authorities.

    • Oh yes Sierra, you remind me of some COMMANDO UNITS in my glory days 😀

      Betcha you don’t like C Bollyn, or either The Rebel Org 😉 I HOPE you just LOVE your future NEW WORLD ORDER PRISON ( GHETO STYLE STATE ). I don’t give a hoop what or who you like anyway 😉

      That kid ??? INNOCENT or GUILTY, it NO MATTER, it is good for the rest of SHEEP TO HEAR and WAKE UP, because more of this SHIT coming from your beloved ADMINISTRATION, and many many more whistle blowers will come ahead from now on .

      I feel were you come from mate, I WISH you get off that WOOLEN BLANKET from your head and eyes to SEE THE LIGHT, more to say I WISH you will WAKE UP from that sleeping brainwash of your own beloved LAYING government …I meant those beloved polyps of yours :D, THESE SERPENTS BREEDING IN SEWERS 😀
      My only Question to ya will be, WHO THE HELL you serve ? The Polyps the CONSTITUTION of your country and/or the People ???

      You sound like an PEST and TRAITOR to, if you don’t stand at least for your own country’s CONSTITUTION at least.

      Shalom sheep.

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