Lebanese Army: Haddara Infiltrated Arms into Assir’s Security Zone in Sidon


fadel_shakerThe Intelligence Directorate in the Lebanese Army continues its investigation with those arrested recently in the Abra neighborhood in the southern Lebanese city of Sidon, the army command statement said on Tuesday.

“As a result of the investigation, an army patrol arrested Ghali Haddara on Friday afternoon, while he was in one of the touristic resorts in Kesserwan coastal area,” the statement read.

“He was caught carrying electric zappers and detonators used for making bombs,” it added.

“Haddara had appeared in one of the videotapes alongside Fadel Shaker, who confessed at the time to the killing of two soldiers,” the army statement further elaborated.

“During the investigation with Haddara, he confessed to introducing large quantities of weapons and ammunition to the so-called security zone in Abra, most recently was two days before the attack on the army checkpoint in the area in question,” the statement concluded.

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