On its 68th anniversary, the Syrian Army continues upholding its values and principles

Damascus, (SANA) In its current battle against terrorists and those who support it, the Syrian Army continues to uphold the values and principles it championed since it was established in 1945, defending the homeland and protecting it from plots seeking to undermine the Syrian state and its independence.

The Syrian Army’s victories and achievements on the ground reaffirm its ability to confront and thwart all conspiracies and plots targeting it, with those conspiring against it employing misleading media campaigns via hundreds of media outlets and spending billions of dollars in a desperate attempt to distort the image of Syrian soldiers.

Throughout the years, the Syrian Army embodied the values of national unity and reflected the diversity of Syrian society, embracing the heroic principle of martyrdom and making it an integral part of the Syrian soldier’s mentality.

With the passage of time, the Syrian Army became a part of the masses, connected to the people it defends against external and internal threats.

The Syrian Army’s history is marked by honorable battles fought to protect Arab lands, from defending Palestine in 1948, to protecting Lebanon’s unity and independence in 1976, to confronting the Israeli enemy in Lebanon in 1982.

As other Arab armies shifted their positions and stances, moving away from Arab causes, the Syrian Army developed its combat capabilities to keep up with these changes, expanding cooperation with friendly countries and updating its arsenal despite many attempts to prevent Syria from acquiring weapons.

Today, the soldiers of the Syrian Army continue to follow in the footsteps of their comrades who came before them, defending the country from terrorists and showing utmost readiness and capabilities to foil aggressive acts against Syria.

Journalists Union marks 68th anniversary of Syrian Army

In a statement issued on Wednesday to mark the 68th anniversary of establishing the Syrian Army, the Journalists Union affirmed that the battle currently waged by the Syrian Army is the battle of a nation against its enemies and a battle to defend Syria’s people and sanctities, and even its very existence.

The statement said that the Syrian Army is facing terrorism, slander campaigns, psychological warfare, extremist mentality, western armaments, and Arab funding, all in defense of the people and soil of Syria.

The Union affirmed that Syria will foil the current plot in the region and will emerge stronger to continue building and liberation, asserting that journalists are also waging battle to uncover the truth and expose conspiracies.

H. Sabbagh

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