Justice for Sammy Means Fighting the Extra-Judicial Killings and Building People’s Power

Revolutionary Initiative

Statement from the Central Committee of Revolutionary Initiative

3 August 2013

The brazen execution of 18-year old Sammy Yatim by a Toronto police officer on July 27, 2013 has unleashed an unprecedented level of popular disdain for the Canadian state’s third-largest armed apparatus – the Toronto Police Service (TPS). The popular outrage over the nine shots fired at young Sammy has forced virtually every major media outlet to echo the indignation of the masses; meanwhile, bureaucrats, politicians and the labour aristocracy have make unprecedented public condemnations of the TPS and have called for changes to training and misconduct investigation practices.

Why has Sammy’s execution sparked so much attention?

But all the hype amounts to little more than smokescreen while the agents of this miserable system work frantically to re-establish the legitimacy of the Toronto Police Services as quickly as possible and channel popular discontentment onto this single cop, James Forcillo…

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