July message from Komrade Leonard Peltier

Moorbey'z Blog

Greetings my Friends, Relatives and Supporters:

I was thinking the other day about Independence and the idea of an “Independence day”.   Our people never knew the word “independence”, we were just naturally independent. We were not reliant on anything but ourselves, our land, and the Creator.  Now it seems we have become dependent on a lot of things that are not natural.
I long for independence.  People often ask me what I want when and if I get out of here.

It’s simple: I want to go home. I want to feel the coolness of grass under my feet. I want a home-cooked meal.  I want to be able to hug my family and tell jokes to my grandchildren. I want to sit outside and paint something that I am actually looking at not just from my memory.

That is all, really.  I just want a few…

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