Confirmed the SyrianFreePress.Net Report of July 4, 2014: Syrian Army Catches CIA Agents and Jihadists Commanders

the real Syrian Free Press


Sensational details about the attacks and Special Operations by the Syrian Armed Forces against ISIL mercenary gangs on the area of ​​Raqqa last night – SyrianFreePress.Net REPORT (July 4, 2014)


After an operation carried out in al-Raqqah, the ‘capital’ of ISIS, the Syrian army arrested US intelligence officers, Barzani’s peshmerga and ISIS commanders, sending them to Damascus, says Dr Mehmet Yuva.

By Mehmet Yuva – Aydinlikdaily – 10/07/2014

The allegations are very serious…

The source: A Lebanese expert on terrorism who closely follows the Syrian military zone.

The location: Al-Raqqah, northern Syria, where ISIS decides its raids, and also known as ‘Bin Laden’s military base’.

Al-Raqqah is also home to the meetings of intelligence organizations with the ISIS commanders. This well-protected headquarters is a command centre, where military acts in the area are observed and militants are communicated with via satellites, it is where looted cash is gathered…

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