Flight MH17’s Tiny Roadside Crash-site (images)

American Everyman

by Scott Creighton

While going over some of the photos of the crash site of Flight MH17 I noticed something odd: most of the photos are taken from a low angle looking across the same debris field like when someone tries to make a crowd at a fake protest seem larger than it actually is. So I looked into it a bit further and I noticed something else: the crash site is right beside the only road into that area. In fact, all the large pieces of debris are right beside the road. Also of note, most reports claim the plane disintegrated in mid-air when it blew up but the crash site is extremely small for such a large plane and it’s relatively confined to that one space. That’s not at all conducive to the reported eye-witness statements that claim the plane came apart at around 33,000 ft traveling at…

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