Why ~ Bill the Butcher

Piazza della Carina

Tell me why
I cannot see the sky for smoke
I cannot breathe the air.

Tell me why
The bombs fall around me
My children scream from their wounds
How they are guilty
Of whatever it is we are being punished for.

Tell me why
You who have stolen our land, pushed us into ghettoes, strangled our economy, starved and maltreated us,
Turned us into your prisoners from the time we are born to the time we die
Who have made life for us hell,

Why should we not fight back against you? Why should we not fight with sticks and stones, blood and tears
Against your metal monsters, your apartheid walls, your pretences and your lies?
You have all the power, we have nothing

Except right on our side.

Yes you can kill us, and we will lose
Each battle, but we will fight
Because we are human, and…

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