Dear Israel, The mask is off and people know


Gazan citizens, activists in Gaza as well as international reporters have posted harrowing accounts of their experiences, or interviews with those affected. It is getting to the point where the reporters themselves are having harrowing accounts, unlike in conflicts past, where they could be respected by the laws of war (and not be targeted as in Gaza by the invaders), where they could maintain a cool detachment and convey horrors in a dispassionate way. This time, in Gaza, it’s different. It’s different because of the sheer malice, sheer brutality, sheer aggressive casting-aside of all laws and social norms by the invaders. Now, even the reporters are horrified by what they see, some breaking down on-air. This is why the Jewish military state has so aggressively destroyed the power grid in Gaza. Irishwoman Elaine Bradley is working as a human rights activist in Palestine, who…

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