Divide & Ruin Strategy ~ US ships 5,000 Hellfire missiles to Iraq: to fall into the ISIS’s hands (sooner or later) as in north?

the real Syrian Free Press




The United States is preparing to sell the Iraqi government 5,000 Hellfire missiles through a proposed $700 million deal.

The fear of analysts is that ISIS (ISIL) can steal the ‘Hellfire Missiles’ if Iraqi Army is defeated, and get in possession of such weapons, exactly as ISIS got the possession of all the American weapons in northern Iraq.

But the otherconcernisthat this isjust a USA ploy, both to helptheAmericanwar industry, bothin order to enterdirectlyin the Iraq conflict,firstby sendingweapons andthenmaking surethat they areused asthe American administrationhas the interestto beused:against Syriaandthe real Arab Resistance.


Video Russia Today

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