Obama’s Friends: Al Qaeda, Sinaloa Drug Cartel, ISIS, MS-13, Too Big To Jail Banks

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Tracing the friends, supporters, allies and campaign contributors of Barack Obama can reveal a lot about what passes for an American government.

Al Qaeda was used to take down Libya. I never really understood the official Government Speak explanation as to why it was a good idea to take down Libya. I do remember the article about the CIA agent standing next to Libya’s 144 million ounces of gold before it disappeared. Has anyone at a press conference asked either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton where all that gold went? And where did the $98 billion Libya had on deposit in Banks in NATO countries go? The IMF did come forward and offer to loan the new puppet regime a few billion dollars at interest. A loan at interest on money they created out of nothing.

The Sinaloa Drug Cartel is the largest and most well connected Drug Cartel in…

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