Remember the 1955 Cannon Street YMCA All-Starz That Were Not Allowed To Play In The Little League World Seriez

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Dozens of boys played during the spring and summer of 1955 in Charleston, South Carolina, in the first black Little League in the state of South Carolina. When the season ended, the coaches selected the best players for an all-star team and registered the team for the city tournament. The boys were told they would keep playing as long as they kept winning — all the way to Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

But the black team’s mere presence on a baseball field was enough to cause the greatest crisis in Little League history.

It drove every other team in South Carolina out of Little League Baseball. It cost the organization hundreds and hundreds of teams in the South. Creighton Hale, once the president of Little League Baseball, called the 1955 Cannon Street YMCA All-Stars “the most significant amateur team in baseball history.”

The 2014…

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