Tent camp or deportation: Choice for African migrants in Israel

Piazza della Carina

The Israeli Defense Ministry has announced plans to erect up to 25,000 tents at five detention centers to prevent African migrants from entering cities.

­The African migrants coming into the country will stay in these centers for an extended period.

The plan was presented to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after his bureau requested a quick and efficient response to what the government perceives as a problem.

The Defense Ministry’s announcement also came several hours after Jerusalem’s District Court ruled that Israel could deport South Sudanese migrants back to their homeland, despite objections from NGOs that the migrants’ lives would be in jeopardy due to the ongoing conflict between South Sudan and Sudan.

Interior Minister Eli Yishai welcomed the decision, and expressed the need for similar action in the future that would allow Israel to deport migrants from other countries, such as Eritrea and Sudan.

Some 1,000 South Sudanese migrants have…

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