Ferguson and the Islamic State: Two Sides of Malcolm’s American Nightmare


Because imperialism’s “humanitarian” demise will make much of the globe its cannon fodder, it is time for the left to prepare the conditions for a new social system. This will require the formation of international alliances envisioned by Malcolm X. White supremacy daily assassinates Michael Brown’s humanity at the same time that it erases the Iraqi and Syrian people’s self determination in the fight against IS. The oppressed peoples of imperialism’s savagery are the natural allies of oppressed people in the belly of the nightmare. It will be up to resistance forces in the US to build alliances with the peoples of the world fighting both US imperialism and its proxy foot soldiers. We need a strong movement at home, but we also need friends abroad. Nothing less is required to defeat the American Nightmare.

By Danny Haiphong

“Ferguson’s rebellion is exposing the deepening contradiction between America’s Black elite and…

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