“The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend”: How the U.S. is Using ISIS as a Pretext for War Against Syria

the real Syrian Free Press

sunday-herald-2013-901-obama-ready-bomb-syria-756(Image from ‘Sunday Herald’, 1 September 2013)

Washington supported the Free Syria rebels who aligned themselves with the terrorist group called Al-Nusra to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad,

Then the Syrian rebels and other groups in Iraq form another terrorist organization who call themselves the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

The consequences of Washington’s policies of aiding the Syrian rebels including ISIS have served a purpose. ISIS has spread to both Syria and Iraq gaining territory. ISIS has claimed it has executed 250 Syrian soldiers last weekend as they seized an airbase in the province of Raqqa.

Washington considers the advancement of ISIS a threat to its national security. As reported by the Associated Press, US surveillance planes were already deployed to pinpoint specific targets. The article titled ‘US surveillance planes fly over Syria, officials say’ stated that

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3 thoughts on ““The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend”: How the U.S. is Using ISIS as a Pretext for War Against Syria

  1. I understand America has backed ISIS, as America has backed many terrorist groups, many now believe America requires terrorists as also Britain and Israel, this has many obvious reasons why, in particular for those who know why.

  2. Killing and maiming people are all part of business, money for the elite, we live in strange times, the destruction of Twin Towers, on Australian TV, ABC, Sunday morning, one of the political commentators, stated Bin Laden, whom destroyed the Towers, I was surprised, Laden? we are told? if so, killed by American, Seals, Why did Laden, if he is a terrorist, not get a trial in America? many believe the Towers were a inside job, or CIA, agents behind aiding and abetting. Their are to many anomalies, to believe anything in Western media.

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