Propaganda War Explodes as US Terrorists Prepare for their end In Damascus


تقدّم حذر في جوبر.. الجيش السوري يقطع طريق دير العصافير زبدين

If you listen to “opposition” propaganda sources, you would think the people of Jaramaana and Duwayla’ah were about to be occupied by some new force of rodents belonging to the Nusra.  Not so.  Not even close.  In fact, the entire charade has been orchestrated by the British who are trying to save the bacon (so to speak) of the remaining and very vulnerable Al-Qaeda rodents David Cameron cherishes so much.  I AM WARNING THE BRITISH THAT THEIR LEADER IS COMPLICIT IN THE RISE OF AL-QAEDA (JABHAT AL-NUSRA) IN SYRIA AND IS CONDUCTING A CAMPAIGN OF TERROR AGAINST THE PEOPLE OF SYRIA.

The propaganda started with a burst of lies about Nusra evicting the SAA from Al-Dukhdhaaniyya. While it was true that the SAA lost some territory temporarily at this site – and it was true that terrified inhabitants left en masse to avoid the filth and stink of Wahhabist terrorism, that event was regurgitated by Jihadist disinformation groups as a “major victory” auguring the fall of Jaramaana and Duwayla’h.  That itself caused many families to begin leaving the 2 areas.  But, it was a complete lie!  No such victory took place.  The worst lie was that the rats took control of the Kabbaas Road and Kashkool Road on the border of Duwayla’ah.  No such event took place.

In fact, the rat defenses are crumbling everywhere as the SAA heads to ‘Ayn Turma, the last bastion of Nusra’s malignant presence.  I can confirm to all my readers that the Nusra group is taking its orders from British-accented rat-enablers in Jordan who are trying to gain a trump card to avoid the massive defeat that is now inevitable.  They want to be able to negotiate an organized withdrawal with guarantees of Nusra’s safety.  The SAA High Command has made it clear that there will be no deals until Jawbar and ‘Ayn Turma, Dayr Al-‘Asaafeer and all other areas of the Eastern Ghouta are completely Ratten-rein!

Syrian army  forces (file photo)

(File photo courtesy of Alalam)

This morning, Damascus time, the SAA proved the propaganda false when it attacked ‘Ayn Turma from Jaramaana and Duwayla’ah.  All of a sudden, the lying stopped when reports came in that such an attack was under way essentially pulling the rug out from under the lying British creeps in Dhab’ah, Jordan.  The British played a key role in training these rodents and invested much time and Arabian money to accomplish this war crime.  Now, the end is near – for their plans and their mascots.

SyrPer can reassure its readers that the ‘Ayn Turma, Zibdeen and Jisreen junctions are closed to rodent resupply or reinforcement.  There is panic in the ranks of the terrorists.  The SAA has now completely cleared out a minor Electronic Warfare/Air Defense base in the  northwest area of Hutaytat Al-Jarash effectively cutting off any lines of resupply from Dayr Al-‘Asaafeer to Zibdeen.

Via Wikimapia:

Jawbar:  At the Al-Tayyiba Mosque,  the SAA uncovered a network of tunnels and dismantled 15 IEDs which were set to explode as booby-traps.  SAA sappers are now some of the world’s greatest experts in detecting and dismantling these devices.  In the last 2 days, 88 terrorists have been killed with over 100 wounded.  The MoD announced that the battle to clear out Jawbar will not stop until the area is completely secure.

Khaan Al-Shaykh:  At the 4 Seasons and Sa’eed Avenues, the SAA killed a reported 18 rodents of the Nusra/Al-Qaeda group.  Expect a major announcement about this area in the next 7 days.  The rats are falling apart.

West Al-Husayniyya Farms:  SAA killed a reported 4 rats and took 11 prisoners. No details.




Another propaganda battle was fought here with terrorist websites claiming a new campaign that overran many positions held by the SAA.  Completely false.

Rasm Al-KhawaaledNusra attempted an attack on Tal Mashara using an agricultural tractor loaded with explosives and a truck carrying enough Zionist-supplied C-4 to blow up the Pentagon.  It failed miserably, as always.  The MI is still assessing the carnage; the body parts of rats strewn about the fields of this once halcyonic area of the Golan.

Umm Nateenaa and Nab’ Al-Sakhr:  22 rodents met their own personal oblivion here as they were incinerated in 7 vans and trucks.  Isn’t it great when you’re allied with the Zionist Settler State?

Nab’ Al-Sakhr to Kammoona to Mashara:  SAA pursued and destroyed a pack of ‘Abdul-Ilaah Al-Basheer’s rodents.  No details.

Al-Qahtaaniyya southeast of Umm Baatina:  Fighting with no details.

West Tal Mashara at the Scientific Research Center:  Ditto.

Fighting reported here: Rasm Khamees, Al-Sibrooki Point, Majdoolyaa, Al-Samdaaniyya West, Husaynu.


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