Battle Map Update: East Ghouta Updates and Analysis BY LEITH FADEL ON SEPTEMBER 8, 2014


The Syrian Arab Army destroyed a Jabhat Al-Islam den in the Jobar District, killing 11 militants and wounding 4 others. During the operation, the Republican Guard discovered a network of tunnels, stocked with weapons and ammunition; among the weapons were IEDs that required Syrian Arab Army sappers to dismantle. Jaysh Al-Islam has built tunnels all around the Jobar District, creating an obstacle for the SAA soldiers trying to manuever inside the volatile area.

After days of fierce clashes, the Syrian Arab Army has advanced to the Jobar cemetary, further diminishing the gap between their positions and the district’s center. The SAA was able to take control of three strategically integral building blocks that provided the advancing army with the higher ground. With the Jobar cemetary and the Tayba Mosque now under the Syrian Arab Army’s control, the battle for the Jobar District will intensify as Jaysh Al-Islam has no place to retreat.

‘Ayn Tarma:

Jaysh Al-Islam militants engaged a large mechanized contingent from the Syrian Arab Army, hell-bent on regaining ground previously lost in last week’s clashes. 13 militants from Jaysh Al-Islam were killed during today’s firefight, while the Syrian Arab Army suffered 9 casualties. The Syrian Air Force provided necessary air support for their embattled soldiers, targeting Jaysh Al-Islam positions all around the village of ‘Ayn Tarma.

The militants from Jaysh Al-Islam are attempting to counter the Syrian Arab Army’s initial attaack with their own offensive in this village. So far, the counter-attack has been successful, as Jaysh Al-Islam was able to secure two neighborhoods inside ‘Ayn Tarma.


2 mortar shells were fired by Jaysh Al-Islam in the vicinity of Baghdad St., wounding 3 civilians that received immediate medical attention following the attack. A source in Jaramana stated that all 3 wounded civilians are in stable condition. Meanwhile, Jaysh Al-Islam continued its attempt to breach the SAA’s frontline defense and enter the Jaramana District. Syrian Opposition sources mistakenly reported that the rebels had entered the District; however, Syrian Arab Army sources quickly denied this claim.


The Syrian Air Force targeted a militant gathering in the northeast part of Zebdeen, destroying a Jaysh Al-Islam hideout. Fierce clashes were reported between Jaysh Al-Islam and the SAA on the border of Al-Maleeha and Zebdeen; however, neither side advanced. The battle for this village has intensified over the last two days, following the SAA’s capture of a neighboring village.

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