Confirmed: Top Islamic Front Leader Killed by Leith Fadel

The Ahrar Al-Sham and Islamic Front leader, Hassan ‘Abboud (AKA Abu ‘Abdullah Al-Hamwi), has been confirmed dead, along with 11 other members of his group. The fate of 35 other Islamic Front members remains unknown; however, certain groups have posted names of their dead from Idlib.

According to a source, the suicide bombing took place at the village of Hamdan in the Idlib Governate. ‘Abboud and other Islamic Front members were conducting a meeting in Hamdan, when a suicide bomber detonated his device in the presence of the participants, allegedly killing all parties.

A picture of an Ahrar Al-Sham field commander has been posted by Opposition sources. Abu Abdel-Malik was killed in today’s attack:

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