Latakia: Major Arrest of Islamic Front Affiliates in Jableh ~ by Leith Fadel

2014 - 1The Syrian Air Force Intelligence raided the headquarters of Liwaa’ ‘Ahrar Al-Saahal in Jableh, Latakia after intercepting intel transmitted between the members of the organization. Upon discovery, Syrian Security Forces discovered an underground headquarters, equipped with weapons, ammunition, IEDs, and electronic communication devices.

According to a source in Latakia, the members of Liwaa’ ‘Ahrar Al-Saahal that were detained are as followed: Sa’oud Karim, ‘Ahmad Karim, ‘Ahmad Al-‘Ayata, Mustafa Istambawali, Saleh Zreik, Hassan Hassan, Bilal Nanawa’a. The group was known for their multiple acts of terror committed in Latakia and the assassination attempts of Syrian Government officials. The group recently targeted Mustafa ‘Azzam (“Al-Jid”) in Jableh; however, their assassination attempt failed.

For the groups affiliated with the Islamic Front, the loss of Hassan ‘Abboud – leader of ‘Ahrar Al-Sham – is a striking blow to the already depleted force. Liwaa’ ‘Ahrar Al-Saahal was a primary contact for the Islamic Front in Latakia; this loss could not come at a worse time for the I.F. as the battle for Aleppo is intensifying on the northern front.

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