No Sleep in the East Ghouta; Firefights Reported All Over ~ by Leith Fadel

2014 - 1Another violent day was reported in the East Ghouta, as fierce firefights immersed the rural area with an abundance of bloodshed and gunfire. The Syrian Arab Army continued its ongoing offensive in the Jobar District, bombarding Jaysh Al-Islam positions at Parliament Square and the Jobar Cemetery. Yesterday, the Syrian Arab Army’s Republican Guard entered the area of the Jobar Cemetery, advancing from the Tayba Mosque. The advance into this area has forced Jaysh Al-Islam to retreat to the center of the district, seeking shelter in many of the abandoned and dilapidated buildings.

According to a military source, the Syrian Arab Army controls 60 percent of the strategically imperative Jobar District; this appears to be correct given the recent advancement into the cemetery area. Much of the success the infantry has attained, is due in large part, to the Syrian Air Force’s relentless bombardments, causing detrimental damage to Jaysh Al-Islam’s strongholds. The Syrian Air Force carried out 47 airstrikes in the East Ghouta today, with 29 of the air-raids taking place in the Jobar District.

The battle in Al-Dakhaniyya has intensified, with the Syrian Arab Army attacking the neighborhood with artillery shells and gunfire. 21 members of Jaysh Al-Islam and Jabhat Al-Islamiyya were killed in the battle. According to a military source, 8 SAA soldiers were killed and another 13 were wounded during these clashes.

In ‘Ayn Tarma, the Syrian Air Force targeted a large Jaysh Al-Islam gathering in the northeastern sector of the village. The SAA followed the airstrikes with a ferocious bombardment of their own, enganging the enemy with a multitude of artillery shells. Over a dozen Jaysh Al-Islam members were reportedly killed and 7 surrendered to the Syrian Arab Army. 6 SAA soldiers were reportedly killed-in-action, with another 4 who were wounded in battle.

Elsewhere, 36 mortar shells landed in Damascus today, killing over a 10 civilians and  wounding 30 more. Most of the mortar shells landed in civilian neighborhoods; specifically, on 29th St., Dhiya Al-Assad Suburb, Al-Khateeb Suburb, and Al-Shaharaa Suburb.

In southern Rif Dimashq, violent skirmishes broke-out in the densely populated city of Hajar Al-Aswad (Black Stone), resulting in the death of the prominent militant, Yousif Al-Sheikh Yousif. Also in southern Rif Dimashq, the PFLP-GC and Jabhat Al-Nusra engaged one another in a violent clash on Baghdad St. at the Yarmouk Camp District.

The militants with documentation that were reportedly killed in Rif Dimashq today:

  1. Yousif Al-Sheikh Yousif (Hajar Al-Aswad)
  2. Yousif Fayaz Hamaada (‘Arbeen)
  3. Mohammad Taha (Al-Dakhaniyya)
  4. Jamal Al-Rooz (Al-Dakhaniyya)
  5. Fahd Saleem Najla “Abu Mohammad” (Al-Dakhaniyya)
  6. Jalal Nadhir Mahi-aldeen (Al-Dakhaniyya)
  7. Qassim Al-Sheikh Al-Qaseer “Abu Majd” (Al-Dakhaniyya)
  8. ‘Ahmad Waleed Sanjaab (Al-Dakhaniyya)
  9. ‘Usama Mohammad Abdel-Nabi (Al-Tal)
  10. Suleiman Al-Madour (Al-Dakhaniyya)
  11. Mazen Yasseen Al-Na’al (Al-Dakhaniyya)
  12. Mohammad Hussein Al-Loulou (Al-Dakhaniyya)
  13. Yousif Mohammad Deeb Thalja “Abu ‘Anas” (Al-Dakhaniyya)
  14. Ibrahim Khalil Al-Halbouni “Abu Khalil” (Al-Dakhaniyya)
  15. Malik Al-Qadhi “Abu ‘Anas” (Al-Dakhaniyya)
  16. Riad Tabna (Al-Dakhaniyya)
  17. Saleem Al-‘Aydi (Jobar) Libyan
  18. Mahmoud Ghaneem (Jobar) Egyptian
  19. Mazen Kahla (‘Arbeen)
  20. Mohammad Kheir Suleiman Al-Hanash (Jobar)
  21. Khalid Al-Rashidi (‘Ayn Tarma) Saudi
  22. Khalil Al-Sheikh (Harasta)
  23. Mohammad Al-Masri (Harasta) Egyptian
  24. Kamal Bi-‘Uyoon Qatlaa (Douma)
  25. Wasfi ‘Ubaydaat (Jobar) Jordanian
  26. Subhi Al-‘Abbas (Jobar) Palestinian
  27. Malek Ka’ka (‘Ayn Tarma) Jabhat Al-Islamiyya leader
  28. Farouq ‘Abdullah (‘Ayn Tarma)
  29. Ahmad Abu Nimr (‘Ayn Tarma)
  30. Khalid Al-Sheikh Hassan (‘Ayn Tarma)
  31. Mu’adh Majdalaawi (‘Ayn Tarma)
  32. Yousif Al-Salaji (‘Ayn Tarma)

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