The Trip to Fanciful; Obama’s Farcical Speech ~ by Ziad Fadel

Piazza della Carina

The word “Levant” is French.  Ou le soleil leve.  Where the sun rises.  It refers specifically to the coastal area of the far eastern end of the Mediterranean or Natural Syria.  But, “Syria” is not only the Levant, it is also the Syrian Desert and those Euphratean areas containing cities like Dayr El-Zor, Al-Mayaadeen and Al-Raqqa where the local accents are decidedly influenced by Mesopotamian or Gulf Arabic, even Najdi in some locales.  But, we can’t expect the superficially educated apparatchiks at the State Department to know that, why that might mean the U.S. has actual area experts; which, by the way, it doesn’t.  What Foggy Bottom has, instead, is a coterie of spooks inextricably linked to the Company, the CIA.  Shades of Robert Ford and Christopher Stephens.  American diplomats are beginning to look more decidedly like saboteurs, gun runners, assassins and fifth columns, than smooth…

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