CITY:  The SAA has killed a major leader of the American-supported terrorist groups, Jamaal Ma’roof, who used to head the headless Jabhat Thuwwaar Sooriyaa (Front of Syria’s Revolutionaries. Yawn.)   Along with his daughter, aids and commanders were also vaporized.  The terrorist websites identified his adjutant, Muhammad Al-Faysal, as another rat casualty.

Khaan Shaykhoon area:  The SAA killed 23 rodents in a firefight.  I have no names.

Al-‘Aamiriyya:  The SAA confirmed the deaths of 6 rodents with 2 surrendering.

Al-Sayyaad:  SAA killed 7 rats.  No names.

Hallooz:  My deceased mother-in-law’s home town overlooking Jisr Al-Shughoor.  A pickup with a 23mm cannon was destroyed.  The 3 rats on it were Tunisians.  Tunisians in a Christian village known for its biblical appearance, a church built over a spring of running, ice cold water and my favorite white donkey?!  May God damn every Saudi child molester and all Qatari apes!  Their day is coming.

Fighting here also:  Kaneesat Nakhla (Church of the Palm), Kafr Laataa, Abu Al-Dhuhoor, Tal Salmu, Humaymat Al-Daayer, Al-Buwayti. 


بعد اندحار الإرهابيين فيه.. تفكيك عشرات العبوات الناسفة بحي غويران في الحسكة


Old City:  Now completely rat free.  3 brush-and-flush operations by SAA engineers and security personnel resulted in 3 separate warehouses used by Nusra rats to both store and develop anti-personnel weapons.   The 1st was found on Bayt Rujoob Street.  It contained precursor chemicals either manufactured or purchased in both Saudi Arabia and Turkey.  Inside this warehouse were containers with magnesium sulphate, ammonium nitrate, alcohol, and Saudi or Turk purchased C-4 used to enhance IEDs.  These substances will be kept by the SAA for use in blowing apart America’s plan to destroy Syria.

In the second combing operation, a huge warehouse was located containing 5 IEDs each with a 300kg payload enhanced by C-4 from Turkey, missiles and rockets.  Interestingly, advanced satellite communications equipment was also found and is being analyzed as I write.

In the third operation, more precursor chemicals from the criminal regimes of Saudi Arabia and Turkey were found along with 5 120mm and 2 82mm mortars and 15 mortar shells.  Captagon was also left behind.

This amount of weaponry is not usually left for the enemy.  It is evidence that the command structure of the Nusra rat organization is collapsing and that any esprit de corps which might have existed has evaporated.  The scenes at these warehouses reflected complete confusion.

Talbeesa:  SYRIAN PERSPECTIVE CAN CONFIRM THE DEATH OF RAT LEADER “ABU HAATEM AL-DHAHHAAK” in a strikingly accurate SAAF operation.  He led the organization called “Jabhat Al-Eemaan Billaah” (Faith in Allah Front. Yawn)  He was turned into atoms along with 5 other of his adjutants.


Mr. Abu Dhahhaak (“The laughing man”) can be seen here in this exclusive SyrPer photo.

 Al-Za’faraana Village and ‘Ayn Hussayn Road:  A convoy with 3 pickup trucks festooned with the usual 23mm cannon was sent to Abe’s Junk Yard by the SAA.  18 rodents were killed:

Thaa`er Al-Nijm

Talaal Mustafaa

Muhammad ‘Ali Al-Saani’

Badreddeen Hussayn

No other names were sent.  The rest appear to be Turks and Iraqis.

Talbeesa:  In another operation by SAA, a van with terrorists aboard was hit by an NDF RPG and turned into a George Forman Grill.  The carcasses were so burned it was impossible to determine identities.

Umm Al-Reesh Village:  An attempted infiltration to the area between Umm Haaratayn and Al-Mas’oodiyya went awry when citizens alerted the SAA by contacting the MoI.  The rest was pure carnage as the, SAA backed by NDF, killed all 15 rats:

Misbaah Al-Shurooqi

Nizhaam Mahsoob

‘Alaa` Al-Feejaawi

The rest could not be identified.

Jisr Al-Khuraab:  An attempted flank attack on SAA forces surrounding the area of Al-Wa’er Orchards was pushed back.  Spotters and scounts reported 7 confirmed rat fatalities.

Fighting reported in these areas:  South ‘Ayn Al-Hussayn Village, Al-Deek Farms in Talbeesa, Al-Sama’leel, Al-Mushrifa, Al-Sa’en, Taldu, Tayr-Ma’alla Village. 

Umm Sharshooh area:  A bulldozer in Al-Hilaaliyya Farms was destroyed along with its driver.

Kafr Laahaa:  The SAA killed a rat leader from Al-Nusra along with 4 of his rat litter-mates:

Abdul-Baari ‘Ayyaash

Sabri Taaleb

The other 3 could not be identified.

Dayr Fool:  All foreigners here.  All 10 killed.  No names.

Fighting reported here only a few hours ago: Talass Village, West Salaam Village, ‘Unq Al-Hawaa, Rajm Al-Qassr, South of North Umm Sarj. 



Another good article from Radioyaran who seems to be back on his medication.  A good read:


Jovi sends this interesting analysis.  I don’t like it when they call our government a “regime”:


Great article sent by Anonymous:


Read more at http://www.syrianperspective.com/2014/09/obamas-terrorists-go-to-hell-in-homs-and-idlib.html#EAJDBmjYYgJ7vpTH.99

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