SAA and PLA begin Their Siege of ‘Adra; Slain Civilians Discovered in the City

by Leith Fadel

Yesterday morning – around 6 A.M. Damascus Time – the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), backed by the Palestinian Liberation Army (PLA), stormed Jabhat Al-‘Islamiyya’s positions all around the Rif Dimashq Governate’s industrial capital of ‘Adra. The SAA was able to liberate the ‘Adra Petrol Station, Steel Plant and the Detergent Factory, killing dozens of militants in the process. Meanwhile, the PLA led the attack on the 8th District, capturing three building blocks and rescuing two families held captive by Jabhat Al-‘Islamiyya.

According to a military source, the Syrian Arab Army killed two Jabhat Al-‘Islamiyya leaders during clashes yesterday: Hani Al-Moussa (Syrian) and ‘Anad Al-Helmi (Syrian). Also, among the dead militants were the following:

  1. Mohammad Yousif Al-Moqdad
  2. Mustafa Mohammad Khayr
  3. Khaled Di’ab

The SAA’s suffered its first casualty around 7:15 A.M., when Cpl. Ahmad Al-Khawayldi was struck by enemy gunfire near the ‘Adra Petrol Station. 9 SAA soldiers were killed yesterday and another 14 were wounded. The PLA did not report any soldiers killed; however, a source stated that 11 fighters were wounded during clashes at the 8th District.

Cpl. Ahmad Al-Khawayldi killed at 'Adra Cpl. Ahmad Al-Khawayldi killed at ‘Adra

Multiple slain civilians were discovered in ‘Adra following the SAA’s entrance into the civilian neighborhoods. The SAA reported the death of 3 members of the Hassan family, including their youngest son, 1 year old Bashar Hassan. Bashar’s mother (Maysoun) and his father (Nizar) were also found with bullet wounds all around their bodies. At least another 11 civilians were killed by Jabhat Al-‘Islamiyya militants upon their occupation of ‘Adra.


1 year old Bashar Hassan was slain by Jabhat Al-'Islamiyya in 'Adra. 1 year old Bashar Hassan was slain by Jabhat Al-‘Islamiyya in ‘Adra.

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