ISIS Attack Repelled At Kuweris Airbase; Foreigners Killed in Deir Ezzor

by Leith Fadel

Aleppo Governate:

The Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) attacked the Kuweris Airbase in east Aleppo with a barrage of mortar shells and gunfire yesterday. According to a military source, approximately 100 fighters from ISIS stormed the airbase, attempting to infiltrate from the southeast. The Syrian Arab Army soldiers at the airbase successfully repelled the infiltration attempt, killing 36 confirmed members of ISIS and wounding another 27.

ISIS has besieged the Kuweris Airbase for two months and has yet to advance its position. As for the Syrian Arab Army entrenched at the airbase, they have been under an ISIS siege for (2 months) and the Islamic Front (Prior to ISIS, they besieged the airbase for one year) for over one year. The militants killed at Kuweris Airbase:

  • Saher ‘Aldaani (“Abu Leimaan”)
  • ‘Abdel-Hameed Al-Saari (“Abu Qasoura”)
  • Mohammad Al-Saadiq (“Abu Yasseen”)
  • ‘Ahmad Fareed Hariri
  • Mahmoud Baajaan
  • Zaher Al-Suleiman
  • Khalid Al-Sawaadi
  • The rest were not identified

5 civilians were killed on Nile St., when a bomb planted by the Islamic Front was detonated in a residential neighborhood. At least 20 others were injured during the explosion, including many women and children. According to a civilian source, at least 6 mortar shells landed in the Al-Hamadiyya and Al-Khalidiyya neighborhoods in Aleppo, wounding over 15 civilians in the process.

Other identified members of ISIS killed in east Aleppo:

  • Firaas Mohammad Qarnadal (Tal Rifa’at)
  • Maher ‘Ahmad Awasso (Tal Rifa’at)
  • Yousif Qanti Abu Mohammad (Age 38; killed in Hayaan)
  • Mohammad Haayak (Age 35; killed in Hayaan)
  • Hussein Banashi (Manbej)
  • ‘Umar Ahmad Awasso (Age 19; killed in Hayaan)
  • Khalid Shaweehna (Killed on Nile St.)

Deir Ezzor Governate:

The Syrian Air Force targeted ISIS hideouts in the Al-Mayadeen and Abukamal Districts of the Deir Ezzor Governate, killing scores of militants in the process and destroying 3 flatbed trucks loaded with doshkas. These airstrikes occurred in conjunction with the Syrian Arab Army’s 104th Brigade of the Republican Guard’s attack on ISIS positions in the Deir Ezzor neighborhood of Al-Haweeqa. 23 members of ISIS were confirmed killed-in-action (KIA) by an SAA military source, including one man with a Chinese passport that could not be verified. Among the identified dead were the following:

  • Abu Bakr Al-Tunisi (Tunisian)
  • Saher ‘Abdullah Mohammad (Somali)
  • ‘Ahid Jadawa’a (Yemeni)
  • Wassim Rajaa Watidmeer (Yemeni)
  • Abu Mujahir Al-Malayzi (Malaysian)
  • Abu Yousif Al-Masri (Egyptian)
  • Salah Al-Hajj ‘Akla (Syrian from Deir Ezzor)
  • Massa’ad Hatim (Syrian from Deir Ezzor)
  • Abdel-‘Anaan Al-Mohammad (Syrian from Raqqa)
  • Salih ‘Abdel-Hameed (Syrian from Deir Ezzor)
  • Ahmad Al-Homsi (Syrian from Al-Tal in Rif Dimashq)
  • ‘Umar Mousalali (Syrian from ‘Azaz in Aleppo)

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