American Goyim Surgeon dead and gone to hell aiding Obama’s ISIS



2014 - 1
AL-RAQQA: In another fact that demonstrates the bipolar nature of U.S. policy in Syria, the following event has been confirmed by SyrPer through its sources.  The report was originally published by the Al-‘Ahd periodical.  It is an amazing story.

Friday, September 19, 2014 at 11:00 a.m.  A meeting was scheduled by ISIS leaders to take place after breakfast.  SyrPer has learned that the meeting was to discuss upcoming potential American air strikes on ISIS positions in Al-Raqqa.  Syrian Military Intelligence learned of the scheduled meeting through classified channels and smuggled into the city a team of Special Operations commandos whose task it was to deliver the coordinates for the location of the meeting.

The meeting turned out to be planned at the Agricultural Research Building where breakfast was going to take place. The SF commandos quickly transmitted the coordinates and placed a homing device under the rear exit to the building.  Their job was now to continue monitoring the event for assessment purposes.  This they did from close positions.

On that morning, at approximately 11:10 a.m.,  the SAAF began a series of direct, completely precise sorties targeting the ISIS meeting.  As SyrPer learned, the top-tier commanders of ISIS were in attendance including 8 former Iraqi Army officers and members of Saddam’s Ba’ath.  But, most interestingly, it is now reported that one of ISIS’ most senior commanders who has not been named, was also among the criminals.  The bombing was total.  I have been informed that the Al-‘Ahd article was accurate but for the failure to report that the Agricultural Research Building was nearly destroyed.

Via Wikimapia:

The still unidentified top leader was critically injured and taken to the National Hospital where prior theft of medical equipment by rodents belonging to Nusra left the medical facility sorely devoid of any instrument to help the dying rodent leader.  15 medical doctors were then brought in from areas occupied by ISIS including an American and Turkish physician along with 2 ambulances stolen from the Syrian people.  He was taken to the Government Offices Complex after a total curfew was declared.

He was then moved again to Al-Karaama in an area called Al-Manaakher which was a military base.  MI operatives took note of the new location and sent more coordinates to the SAAF which then re-bombed that spot vaporizing the terrorist leader and all his medical personnel.  The reason his identity is not known yet, or confirmed, is because the destruction was so total his carcass was rendered into a mist.


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