Even with Israeli Baby Killing Forces help, Obama’s ISIS are dropping like flies ~ dead and gone to hell !


by Ziad Fadel

فيديو..الجيش السوري يمنع حركة المسل

‘Adraa Town:  Our readers know well that all escape routes north of ‘Adraa toward the 2 highway clover-leafs have been shut down.  All negotiations for the surrender of ‘Adraa Town and the Workers’ Residencies met with failure due to much overreaching by the trapped terrorists inside.  Besides asking for release of extremely dangerous prisoners, the rats also were essentially dickering over how to regroup and relocate to other towns where they could continue their criminal activities.  When the talks broke down finally, Syria’s high command ordered the invasion of the town.  It was reported by the MoD that over 80% of the city is now completely rat free.

This was accomplished by securing crucial points that would enable the SAA and NDF to maneuver around positions and fortifications held by the Nusra criminals.  At Tal-Sawwaan and Al-Dukhkhaaniyya (now completely encircled), the SAA wiped out several nests of Nusra terrorists and proceeded into ‘Adraa to a depth of 1 3/4 kilometers all the way into the Al-Ghanam Market (Sheep) and the Communications Center.  Moreover, while this was taking place, SAA advanced even more to the Al-Hamza Mosque and Al-Majbal.  SyrPer predicts that all ‘Adraa Town will fall within the next 4 days.  The length of time has to take into consideration the fact that the majority of the remaining rats are foreign jihadists who appear to welcome death, a sentiment which the SAA will gladly oblige – but, it takes time to do this without incurring high casualties for the brave Syrian soldiers who are eradicating this plague.

As a note, we might want to watch the new clash between Nusra and a recently formed group called the Jaysh Al-Umma (Army of the Islamic Community, yawn) which SyrPer believes is constituted by defecting Jaysh Al-Islam terrorists.  It appears the latter has vowed to execute ‘Alloosh.

Waadi ‘Ayn Turmaa:   The rats cannot hold out here any longer.  Because the area is not surrounded completely and there are numerous undiscovered tunnels, the criminals are leaving in small numbers.

Al-Diwaaniyya:  All supply lines to FSA cut here.  Yesterday, the SAA killed FSA leader“Abu Talha” (Id pending) and penetrated to the city blocks starting at the Al-HadeethaCompany.  It is in this area that the HQ of the traitors in the FSA used to function.  SAA has turned over hundreds of CDs and other evidence of American, Zionist, Jordanian and Saudi treachery to MI.


الجيش السوري يطهر 80 بالمئة من مناطق عدرا البلد ويواصل تقدمه في جوبر

Al-Tayyiba Village:  The SAA has destroyed all remaining fortifications and is in the process of accepting mass surrender of the mainly Syrian Nusra traitors inside.  We will keep tabs on this evolving story.  Once again, however, there are stories emanating from this town of foreigners impeding an orderly surrender.  Reports are of “fragging” with non-Syrians shooting fellow rats who want to give up to superior forces.

Jawbar:  Very important events taking place.  This is ‘Alloosh’s former territory and its falling fast.  All headquarters of JI are now history.  Fighting is intense with evidence that the defenders are tiring.  JI is largely Syrian in its makeup and don’t be surprised if there is a large capitulation soon.  All fortifications are reportedly destroyed by SAAF and no resupply can come in. Das Ende.

‘Aqraabaa:  2 nests were destroyed.  These are the identified Syrian carcasses:

Suhayb Al-Dayri

Mustafaa Nujaym

‘Abdul-Baaqi Shammaama

The other 7 were not identified.

From Alalam in Iran:  It is reported that Qatar has granted Nusra 20 million dollars.  This report now completely lays bare the lying hypocrisy of “Prince” Tameem who told that German Schlampe Merkel that his country would never finance terrorism.  So much for that.


AL-QALAMOONNusra and ISIS continue their futile efforts to escape Lebanon and force their way back to the Qalamoon.   All legal and non-legal entryways into Syria are now plugged by border police, NDF and SAAF.  Many smuggling routes used in the past to bring in wares and taxable items from the Lebanon have been blown up and are impassable.  This leaves the most favored route through the Faaleetaa area.  Yesterday, an estimated 30+ rats were killed trying to come into Syria.


إحباط هجوم لإرهابيي



This area is the Golan.  The city of Qunaytra is totally abandoned and has been in such a state since its loss to the Zionist invading army in 1967.  The Syrian government will not rebuild it until all vestiges of the Zionist contagion are removed.

It is proof of the non-viability of the so-called Southern Front led by the laurelled nincompoop, ‘Abdul-Ilaah Al-Basheer, that Zionist Patriot missiles had to be fired to knock down a marauding SAAF MiG 21 yesterday.  The details are that the rats were detected congregating at an axis point with inbred Zionist ghetto rats listening in on SAA communications that disclosed the intent to vaporize the rodents by air strike.  The rats were lucky this time.  Our pilot baled out safely over Syrian territory.

Jibaataa Al-Khashab: 2 pickups with 23mm cannons were struck down.  No names available.

Ufaaniyaa:  SAA destroyed several motorcycles driven by FSA-type rodents.

Al-Hurriyya:  More motorcycles destroyed.  4 rodents killed.  It appears the Zionists are making some money off these rubes by selling them used motorcycles.



Fighting here:  Taranja, Mas-hara, Kawm Al-Baashaa.

Burayqa-Kawm Al-Baashaa Axis: A convoy of vans and cars loaded with rats and weapons was mostly destroyed by SAAF.  It is estimated that 15+ rodents were dispatched to Satan’s Spa here.


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