screwed up, already (thanks to andrew for this)


Syrian rebels angry that airstrikes hit Khorasan but not Assad
Roy Gutman, Mousab Alhamadi, McClatchy, Sep 24 2014

REYHANLI, Turkey — Anti-government media activists and rebel commanders gave a mixed assessment of Usaia-led airstrikes in northern Syria on Tuesday, saying that some of the ISIS encampments hit had been evacuated and one building that was struck had been filled with displaced civilians, even as at least one major ISIS base was seriously damaged and many fighters were killed. But the greatest damage, they said, may be to the FSA. By focusing exclusively on ISIS insurgents and AQ figures associated with the Khorasan unit of Jabhat al-Nusra, and bypassing installations associated with the government of Pres Assad, the airstrikes infuriated anti-regime Syrians and hurt the standing of moderate rebel groups that are receiving arms and cash as part of a covert CIA operation based in the Turkish border city of Reyhanli…

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