Nowhere to Retreat for ISIS Militants in Deir Ezzor; Syrian Army Intensifies Their Attacks in the West

The Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) suffered heavy casualties yesterday, when the Syrian Arab Army’s 104th Brigade of the Republican Guard carried out multiple ground attacks, targeting militant hideouts and dens all around west Deir Ezzor. These attacks have amplified over the last few days in conjunction with the Anti-ISIS Coalition countries – specifically, the United States – bombarding ISIS strongholds all around the Deir Ezzor Governate.

At the Al-Haweeqa Quarter, the Republican Guard stormed an ISIS hideout on the outskirts Deir Ezzor City, killing 17 militants and arresting 14 others. Most of the militant casualties were unable to be identified; however, a source provided the names of 7 ISIS fighters that carried identification:

‘Ibrahim Al-Jassim (Syrian from Rif Dimashq)
Rashid Al-Shamali (Syrian from Rif Dimashq)
Kassra Majid (Lebanese)
Lu’ayy Al-Dakheel (Lebanese)
Ghassan Hameed (Iraqi)
Hazaar Mua’ay (Iraqi)
Talal Makki (Lebanese)

Firefights broke-out between the SAA and ISIS militants in the southwestern corner of the Al-Rashidiyya Quarter of Deir Ezzor City. 11 ISIS militants were reportedly killed by the Republican Guard, after the latter was ambushed during a patrol yesterday morning. 7 Republican Guard soldiers were killed during the ambush that later progressed into a violent firefight. According to a military source, the fighters who possessed identification were the following:

Saabir ‘Ali (Somali documents)
Mohammad ‘Abeed (Syrian from Deir Ezzor)
Ra’ed ‘Ussama (Syrian from Deir Ezzor)

The Al-Jubeileh Quarter has experienced the most violent firefights over the last few days, with the Republican Guard carrying out an offensive on ISIS militants in the east. Yesterday, a car bomb was detonated near an SAA checkpoint, killing 3 soldiers and 4 civilians in the area. Violent clashes were reported around the Al-Jubeileh Quarter; military sources provided the names of 3 ISIS fighters identified among the dead:

Wafi Ramadhan (Syrian from Deir Ezzor)
Tariq Shamiss (Kuwaiti)
Samir Alaawi (Syrian from Deir Ezzor)

The Syrian Air Force carried out multiple airstrikes on Al-Jaya’a Island in east Deir Ezzor, while the Anti-ISIS Coalition bombarded the oil fields in the Al-Mayadeen District. U.S. fighter jets have intensified their airstrikes near the oil fields in both the Al-Hasakah and Deir Ezzor Governates.

Near Jisr Al-Siassiyya (Bridge), 7 ISIS militants were reportedly killed during a firefight that lasted for most of Thursday morning. According to a military source, these ISIS fighters were identified:

Zaher Mafeed (SaudI)
Kamal Sa’adoun (Saudi)
Salih Aweed (Saudi)
Mounir Fada’wass (SAA defector from Homs)

Kanaamat: 10 ISIS militants were reportedly killed, including the following:

Manahem Hatem Khalil (Syrian from Deir Ezzor)
Manaf Si’ad (Syrian from Deir Ezzor)
‘Issam Al-Khodhor (Lebanese)
‘Aymen ‘Adnan (Saudi)
‘Azit Hamadan (Saudi)

6 ISIS militants were killed at the Old Airport District in Deir Ezzor. No names were provided.

Networks of tunnels were discovered in the Al-Rasafa Quarter that were used by ISIS militants to ambush SAA contingents. No further information was released on the findings in the tunnel.

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