SAA captured the momentum as whole Southern Front are becoming indefensible for Obama’s rat proxies



The SAA appears to have captured the momentum as whole stretches of the Southern Front are becoming indefensible for the rat armies created and trained by the gangster combination of the U.S., Saudi Arabia, Jordan, U.K. and the Zionist Abomination.  The Jordanian role in all this continues unabated even though numbskulls in Amman protest otherwise.  The problem with their lies is their obviousness.  Syrian trackers can see whole groups of mostly Nusra and FSA terrorists congregating in towns like Al-Ramtha and Irbid.  There are hundreds of examples of terrorists passing by Jordanian soldiers at the frontier and entering Syria to commit acts of mayhem.  More interesting still, is the absence of any acts against the Jordanians by ISIS, a curious fact the Saudis and Americans prefer to keep hidden.  Note also, Jordanian weapons have been uncovered in Iraq in the hands of ISIS.  Mmmmm.

Daa’el:  J.N. is fighting an on-going war with FSA here.  Yesterday, 4 booby-trapped cars exploded on the main road killing an undisclosed number of terrorists from both sides.  This hilarious Spy vs. Spy scenario is being played out all over the south.

Al-Nu’ayma:  This is the swan song of the Liwaa` Falloojat Al-Hawraan (Hawraan’s Falooja Brigade, yawn).  The SAA killed 26 of them yesterday and the day before in an on-going operation that will soon see this group go the route of the Do-Do bird.  Also, in a separate action a few hours ago, the SAA killed 10 rodents and took 18 prisoner after destroying a booby-trapped bulldozer the vermin were following.

Tafass:  2 booby-trapped cars exploded in more action between suicidal gangsters and vultures from the FSA and J.N.

Al-Yaadoodaa:  All FSA fortifications rendered into dust by SAA artillery here.  FSA will not survive long in this area.

Khuraab Al-Shahm:  3 pickup trucks with 3 23mm cannons were destroyed and all aboard killed:

Mukhlis  Karraada

Haseeb Al-Durra

Sattaam Khaaled

The other 11 were not identified as they held forged documents.

Daa’el-Tafass Road:  9 vultures killed while riding motorcycles.  All drivers were armed with automatic rifles.

Idrees Al-‘Abed

Majd ‘Ilayyaan

Wissaam Ayyoob

The other were not identified except by noms de guerres.

الجيش السوري يدمر سيارات للإرهابيين قادمة من الحدود الأردنية باتجاه ريف درعا

Al-Yaadoodaa North:  2 pickups belonging to J.N. were destroyed.  No details.

Al-Soora:  The group calling itself Kateebat Al-Muhaajireen wa Al-Ansaar (Emigres and Supporters Brigade, yawn) was also rendered extinct by the SAA yesterday when 14 carcasses were counted and all their remaining skunks were arrested in various states of poor health.  They were all non-Syrian.

Taysiyyaa Village:  A Chevy pickup with 23mm cannon was saved from destruction as a pack of Jihadist horned toads headed back to the swamp after the SAA regaled them with an unwelcoming fusillade of lead.  No details.

Shaykh Miskeen (var: Shmiskeen)  Weapons and ammunition were confiscated amidst the carcasses of 9 rodents on a local road in the direction of Qurfa Town.  No names. All foreign.

Dayr Al-‘Adas: 2 days ago.  At the north water reservoir, a nest of rats was destroyed.  All foreign.

‘Itmaan: At the juice factory west of the town, SAA crushed a attempted encroachment by rats.

‘Itmaan-Tafass Road:  An armored car was destroyed by an SAA RPG.  3 rats killed.

Busra Al-Shaam:  Another nest of vipers was destroyed.

Fighting reported here:  Yarmouk Suburb, Al-Hameediyya, Umm Al-‘Izhaam, Al-Qabuw, Simleen (nest destroyed), Dooreen, Al-Manshiyya Quarter, East ‘Itmaan, Old Customs Building in the City, Hiraak




We can’t know what the Zionist muttonheads are thinking, but, it can’t be anything scintillating.  Their plans for some SAA-free area of the Golan are meeting with incessant failure.  Yesterday, the FSA led by hoplessly inept ‘Abdul-Ilaah Al-Basheer took hits at these points:

Mas-hara, Al-Ruwayhayna, Kafr Naasij, Taranja, Waadi Al-Samdaaniyya.



عمليات نوعية في زملكا وعربين ووادي عين ترما تقضي على عدد كبير من الإرهابيين

SyrPer can confirm that the towns of ‘Ayn Al-Jawza and Ruwaysa near the Turk border were cleared out completely by the SAA.  Wael writes that the foreign rats, mostly Jordanians and Turks, were pulverized.  The exact number of carcasses is not known yet because no assessment has come across his desk.



Anonymous sends this incredible expose of how Neo-Cons have infiltrated the Treasury Dept. to create a witch-hunt tailor made for the Zionist Ghetto State.  Note the names Cohen and Abrams.  All Neo-Cons. When will Americans wake up?  A MUST-READ:

Obama is a liar?  No way, Jose:

Nothing new here.  Only, have a look at this well-organized article about how the U.S. made ISIS what it is:

Still don’t believe the beheadings might be fake like Ziad and Penny tell you?

Lew Rockwell’s site casts more doubt about the chimera of Khurasaan:

Liar Obama is outed again.


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