US seeks ‘political vacuum’ in Syria

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US seeks ‘political vacuum’ in Syria
Republished from Press TV

The United States is pursuing the same failed policy in Syria as it did in Iraq, and that is to create a “political vacuum” by removing “major power holders,” says a political commentator.

The best thing the US can do to combat terrorism is “work with those in power,” Siraj Davis, Jordan-based freelance journalist and human rights activist, told Press TV in a phone interview on Thursday.

The US invasion and occupation of Iraq led to the rise of insurgent groups that roam the country to this day, Siraj said. “Look what happened, we have insurgency even till now.”

US policymakers are pursuing the same policy in Syria, he said. They are trying “to take the major power holders out of position of influence and we are going to have anarchy and we are going to have ISIS (or…

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3 thoughts on “US seeks ‘political vacuum’ in Syria

  1. The only way Obama is going to create a vacuum in Syria is to kill all the civilians that haven’t fled the country. According to a recent article in Counterpunch, they don’t support the Free Syrian Army, which they view as a bunch of thugs and thieves. They have gone back to supporting Assad and a secular state: Even in Iraq, where they hated Saddam Hussein, they opposed the imposition of a US puppet. Things will go much, much worse in Syria, where Assad is immensely popular.

    I sure hope someone in the White House reads Counterpunch:

    • thank you, i am very worried. i think this will set off WW3

      The United States and its Western as well as regional allies are still attempting to deny the fact that the situation in Syria has drastically changed as its coalition failed to defeat the state and the regular army whose battlefield victories forced the West to join its counterterrorism campaign.

      In September 2013, the world and the region were on the verge of a US atrocious war against Syria. President Barack Obama’s administration was befuddled by the Syrian army’s battlefield achievements, so it decided to back the terrorist groups in order to involve all the parties in a political process. In fact, all the parties of the axis of resistance were targeted.

      The Iranian and Russian statements at that time represented a bold response to the US threats.

      In an interview with Al-Manar Website, the editor-in-chief of Al-Binaa local daily and former MP Nasser Kandil revealed that clear messages were sent from Tehran and Moscow to Washington that as US rockets target Syria, the axis of resistance’s rockets will be launched onto the Zionist entity, US military bases in the Middle East and onto the countries which support them.

      • My sense is that Obama is acting out of a position of weakness, as each his options get knocked out from under him. I take as evidence the fact that he has to let Iran support the Shiites in Iraq in fighting ISIS. This is the first time in decades the US has collaborated with Iran on anything. And it makes no sense – to support Iran in Iraq and to treat them as a villain in Syria.

        I think Russia’s preference is to capitalize on these contradictions, by broadcasting them as widely as possible and continuing their proxy war strategy in Ukraine and Syria. They have proved Obama totally incapable of stopping them, so I see no rationale for them to escalate to a full blown military conflagration.

        Contrary to the mythology promoted by the Obama administration, Russia is the rational, adult party in this global conflict (at least at the moment).

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