MI5 Asset Moazzam Begg & Birnberg Peirce ‘Lawyers’ Admit Working With Brit State, To Recruit ‘Jihadis’ To Illegally Overthrow Syrian Government

the real Syrian Free Press

Royal-Air-Force-TornadoBegg has a blindspot that is not credible, over continuing Brit Genocide

~  By  Brian  Haw  at  Brianhaw.tv  ~  3 October 2014

The latest Begg propaganda has nothing to do with newly found ‘documents’ and everything to do with the need to change the propaganda -because- of the illegal US led airstrikes in Syria.

Our campaign can often give chapter and verse from our own very long experience, of the fact that the reality of what the British government really do, is very far removed from the propaganda that filters through the prism of a far from free ‘news’ media.

The latest Guardian propaganda is supposed to dispel the idea that overthrowing the Syrian government is illegal.

I am not pleased to say that my own 48 unlawful arrests and false imprisonments, along with several spells in Holloway Prison, along with over 80 failed and malicious ‘prosecutions’ by…

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