more analysis on the farce that is the war on ISIS

In Gaza

Tim Anderson

Brandon Martinez, Judeo-American imperium manipulates Canada into farcical ISIS quagmire:

“On October 7 the Canadian parliament, effectively operating under the Stalinist dictatorship of Stephen Harper’s Neoconservative Party, voted to join the farcical US-led anti-ISIS campaign in Iraq and Syria.

“Six CF-18 fighter-bombers, two CP-140 surveillance planes, one aerial tanker aircraft and 600 personnel are expected to join coalition airstrikes in Iraq for up to six months,” reportedCTV News.

This should come as no surprise to any astute observer of Canadian foreign policy. Canada, particularly under the leadership of the belligerent Harper neo-cons, has acquiesced time and time again to American pressure vis-a-vis foreign policy. Like a blind mule, Canada has been led by the nose into nearly all of America’s militarist incursions in the Middle East and everywhere else the US imperium decides to plant its seed of destruction. Canadian troops, like their American and European counterparts, are essentially globalist cannon…

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