Lasha Darkmoon: Tel Aviv, City of a Thousand Thrills

Video Rebel's Blog

This was originally written by Petra Scandali and first appeared at Lasha Darkmoon’s website.

A Foreword from Vidrebel: An Israeli broadcaster told me that the Orthodox never have sex during a woman’s period. They are so observant of this that most Israeli married couples give up sex for 2 weeks every month. This oddity of Orthodoxy would seem to create a need for other sexual outlets. Most Israelis are Orthodox. A Jewish doctor told me that most Orthodox are atheists.

Israeli Jewish mobs were taken over by Russian Jews. They engage in human trafficking as their Jewish ancestors did thousands of years before them. Supposedly more than 240,000 women and children are trafficked every year internationally with many more trafficked for domestic purposes only. What I have not seen are the stories in the press of women taken from Russia, the Ukraine and other eastern European countries who have been…

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