How Citizens United* Kept the Koch Brothers Out of Jail

The Most Revolutionary Act

The video below is an interview with Investigative reporter Greg Palast regarding his 2012 book Billionaires and Ballot Bandits: How to Steal an Election in 9 Easy Steps. Palast is best known for exposing the fake “ex-felon” scrub list that illegally disqualified tens of thousands of law abiding Florida African Americans from voting in the 2000 presidential election.

According to Palast, the real agenda behind the Citizens United decision was to keep the notorious Koch brothers** out of jail for illegal corporate donations they had made to Republican campaigns. In other words, the ruling decriminalized extensive lawbreaking by the Republican Party’s favorite billionaires. Apparently it’s was no accident that Ted Olsen, the Citizens United attorney, also happens to be legal counsel for Koch Industries.

The Koch Brothers’ Long History of Flouting the Law

As Palast reveals at the beginning of the interview, he was an FBI investigator prior to…

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4 thoughts on “How Citizens United* Kept the Koch Brothers Out of Jail

    • thank you. i agree, and i do not have time to be in all places to keep up. i appreciate this very much

      on side note expect the wars to heat up after the US midterm elections. they are just being good now for the pr and votes. neither party wants to rock the war boat right now, except nutjob McCain lol

      • i hope so. he should have been arrested for treason long ago over Libya, way before the Benghazi incident. the amazing part to me is they are actually pushing hitlery clingon as next choice in 2016.

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