Exposing USA-EU-NATO and Turkey’s Genocidal War on Syria ~ [EXCERPTS COLLECTION]

the real Syrian Free Press

bab-al-hawa (source: 10.04.2014: Cem Ertur’s NATO & Turkey’s Genocidal War on Syria)


Us & Eu Govt & News Media Aleppo War Propaganda Debunked As Criminal Legal Nihilism

The entire spectrum of US & EU ‘government’ and ’news’ media war propaganda is the same.

All the US & EU war propaganda is written in the language of the white supremacist racist European colonialist who in one way or another is making what is the untenable claim that the Genocidal US & EU governments war on Syria is to ‘save’ Syrian civilians.

In fact there are no -legal grounds- to use force to overthrow the Syrian government.

In legal terms the US & EU ‘governments’ therefore have no -legal grounds- to provide weapons and other support that a reasonable person knows has created the phoney Syrian ‘Opposition’ who fly under numerous banners, whose only purpose is to illegally overthrow the Syrian…

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