Israel impudently continue to take care of injured terrorists who committed crimes in Syria ~ (Eng-Ita-Esp)

the real Syrian Free Press


Occupied Jerusalem – 10/11/2014 – The Zionist entity forces transported few wounded terrorists from the occupied Syrian Golan to the northern Palestine to provide them treatment, so that they canquicklyhealand get back tocommitting crimesagainstthe people of Syria.

The Israeli Walla website this Monday stated that the Israeli army brought 3 wounded gunmen to the Poriya Hospital in Tiberias, adding that the hospital has already treated 117 wounded terrorists untill now.

The Zionist criminal entity provides military and intelligence support directly to armed mercenaries gangs and terrorist organizations through the occupied Syrian Golan Heights, particularly to Jabhat al-Nusra and its affiliated terrorist organizations, in an outrageous violation of all agreements and resolutions of the UN Security Council.

Many other Israeli hospitals also provide medical treatment to injured jihadists, ‘moderate terrorists’, cannibals and every kind of ruthless mercenary gangs.


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2 thoughts on “Israel impudently continue to take care of injured terrorists who committed crimes in Syria ~ (Eng-Ita-Esp)

    • i know, i can not even believe not a damn thing has happened to them after their last attack on Gaza. these people have no fkin homes now and israhell is blocking supplies to rebuild, hoping they die in the winter weather. really angers me this is going in 2014. we are not civilized people, we are cavemen with high tech weapons

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