Syrian Arab Army eliminated scores of mercenaries in the suburb of Ain Al-Arab, other succesful military operations struck and destroyed terrorists and their dens across country ~ (Reports in Eng/Fra/Esp)

the real Syrian Free Press


Large-scale military operations target terrorists’ positions across country

(ENG) 20/11/2014 – Army pushed forward with its operations against terrorist organizations on Thursday targeting their positions in various areas and inflicting heavy losses upon their ranks.


 Army units killed and injured a number of terrorists near Jisr al-Khrab in al-Waer neighborhood in the city of Homs and in Kiseen in al-Rastan, al-Saan and Housh Hajjo in the countryside.


 Units of the armed forces killed a number of terrorists and left others wounded in Deir al-Adas in Daraa countryside.

 Meanwhile, other army units killed and injured a number of terrorists in the areas surrounding the Old Customs, Syriatel building and al-Bahara cemetery in Daraa al-Balad, destroying their weapons and ammunition.

 Other army units foiled an attempt by terrorists to infiltrate into military checkpoints in Ein Afar, Talet Ein Afar, Tal Ared, Tal Mrai, Khurbet al-Twani and Deir al-Adas towns in…

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