InCIAdious: The Monsters Run the Asylum… still

American Everyman

by Scott Creighton

“President Obama’s 2009 Executive Order repudiating torture does not repudiate the CIA extraordinary rendition program.”

For all the horror that our collective controlled opposition are are currently convulsing over, as bad as that 560 page redacted and politically correct summery of the 5,600 page real report that will NEVER be released, it pales in comparison to the real history of Capitalism’s Invisible Army and the bloody swath they’ve cut through the legacy of mankind on behalf of our “national interests”

Fallout From Brutal Report Continues… CIA’s Claims Of Torture Legitimacy Destroyed… Led To Fabricated Info… Didn’t Help Find Bin Laden… The Most Egregious Lies… ‘Tip Of The Iceberg’… Staggering Incompetence: Lost Detainees… Ex-Chief: I Did No Wrong… Obama Won’t Take Sides…  FULL REPORT: Horrific Details Of CIA’s Torture… Dozens Wrongfully Held… Torture Used Before Seeking Cooperation… CIA Paid Experts $81 Million…

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