NATO plans to use EU ‘Trust Fund’ money to support terrorists in Syria, as Syrian government secures Aleppo to scupper planned NATO invasion

the real Syrian Free Press

SAA-postcard2014-640the Syrian Arab Army is using reasonable force in self-defense

The days of Genocidal NATO ‘governments’ and their ‘news’ media being able to start illegal wars by simply peddling dodgy dossiers while liars like Colin Powell pontificate at the UN look finally well and truly finished.

Long discredited, murderous US & EU ‘governments’ are therefore desperately trying to find enough of other people’s money, to keep throwing at anyone who will pick up a lethal weapon to try to illegally overthrow the Syrian government.

The foul EU ‘Foreign Minister’s meeting yesterday only confirmed that in the absence of any legal grounds for their support of Syrian terrorists, the EU can only stick to the mantra of a ‘political’ solution that only involves the illegal use of lethal weapons to try and overthrow the Syrian government.






not a document the eu ‘government’ would dare submit to scrutiny in any court of…

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